2004-06-06 jankratochvilThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag... bp_apache2
2004-06-06 shorta_href "size"=>2 forces the size indicator even for...
2003-12-04 short&top_dir: +# FIXME: $in may not be defined here!
2003-12-04 shortPrevent navigation to the non-existing homepage.
2003-12-01 short+W argument "project_text_after_title".
2003-12-01 shortPage heading reformatted.
2003-11-27 shortOmit custom color settings as suggested by two independ...
2003-11-19 short+CGI argument 'Wabs' to produce absolute HREFs/SRCs.
2003-10-22 shortPrevent: Use of uninitialized value in numeric gt ...
2003-10-20 shortTrace REQUEST_URI to STDERR to be able to track bugs...
2003-10-20 shortmodperl branch collapsed back to MAIN trunk, man!
2003-07-10 shortFooter $Id$ back again. bp_modperl
2003-05-18 shortW3C validator compliance
2003-05-16 shortupdate
2003-05-16 shortTemporary disable of $Id$ footers
2003-05-16 shortbootstrap