Common code moved to PerlMail::Lib.
[PerlMail.git] / perlmail-accept
2003-10-18 shortCommon code moved to PerlMail::Lib.
2003-10-18 shortMove My-Audit to PerlMail::Config.
2003-10-18 shortSeparate Config space.
2003-10-18 shortrename
2003-04-16 shortFailed &write_message is now fatal
2003-04-04 shortFixed 'dnsbl_whitelist'
2003-03-19 shortSend SMS by the paid WWW::SMS
2003-03-18 short+dnsbl whitelist
2002-10-14 short&Received_for: host: Parse also: [] as hostname
2002-10-14 short+Option --dry: Everything w/o write_message(), smssend...
2002-10-11 shortSMS aliasing rewritten
2002-10-11 short+@alternates_host to catch redirected mail w/o "for...
2002-10-07 shortFixed (suppressed) bell if $store_ignore
2002-10-07 shortNever use Mail::Audit->store() as it will reformat...
2002-10-06 shortTrailing newline to =input is written only when needed...
2002-10-06 short=input is now written as raw data w/o any Mail::Audit...
2002-10-06 short+FIXME comments
2002-10-04 shortFirst production release