2002-10-11 shortProduction stage of "n9k2mutt-v3" called now "contacts...
2002-10-11 shortFixed --clean: "retries" was not checked!
2002-10-11 short+Option --clean [[print:]<interval>]: drops old mails
2002-10-11 short+$ExitCode: we will succeed if we did --store even...
2002-10-11 short+@alternates_host to catch redirected mail w/o "for...
2002-10-11 short+@alternates_host to catch redirected mail w/o "for...
2002-10-09 shortGenerally more quiet
2002-10-09 shortRene Stein is a moron
2002-10-08 short+"=wineann"
2002-10-07 short$head now uses: Mail::Header -> MIME::Head
2002-10-07 shortFixed (suppressed) bell if $store_ignore
2002-10-07 shortunique recipient list
2002-10-07 shortNever use Mail::Audit->store() as it will reformat...
2002-10-07 short"=tacacsd"
2002-10-06 shortTrailing newline to =input is written only when needed...
2002-10-06 short=input is now written as raw data w/o any Mail::Audit...
2002-10-06 short+Workaround Mail-Alias-1.12 clutter of $_
2002-10-06 short+@addr_addon: Additional mail aliases to Bcc to
2002-10-06 short"PREREQ_PM": +Mail::Alias
2002-10-06 short$HOME: "/home/lace" -> "/home/short"
2002-10-06 shortFixed passthru: -q|-Q are also valid non-delivering...
2002-10-06 short"EXE_FILES": +lacemail-sendmail
2002-10-06 shortFirst production sendmail(8) wrapper
2002-10-06 short+FIXME comments
2002-10-06 short+"=freshmeat"
2002-10-06 short$Socket_timeout: 15->600
2002-10-04 shortFirst production release
2002-09-10 shortInitial commit rel1_00 rel1_01 rel1_02 rel1_03