default platform: i386 (not m68k)
[gnokii.git] / gnokii /
2002-03-17 shortBranch update for mygnokii2002_03_17_19_29nl
2002-03-16 shortImplemented renicing (-20) in gnokiid mode uc_works1
2002-03-16 shortImplemented aborting on exit of child process of -...
2002-03-09 shortstackcheck: Fixed caller function detection
2002-03-05 shortSome stackchecking fixes
2002-03-04 shortclean target: +missing hello.o
2002-03-04 shortCosmetic: removed no longer needed filter-out of "...
2002-03-04 shortFix uClinux on i386 SIGSEGV
2002-03-04 shortMissing includes for uClinux patches on i386
2002-03-03 shortImplemented --gnokiid arguments for child spawning...
2002-03-02 shortm68k stack checking implemented, not tested yet on...
2002-02-28 short\r\n -> \n
2002-02-27 shortNot yet working stack checking (symbol STACKCHECK)
2002-02-27 shortNot yet working stack checking (symbol STACKCHECK)
2002-02-25 shortMissing, needed for pic32 crt0 for m68k-pic32-coff...
2002-02-25 shortFurther updates after 5110 testing
2002-02-25 shortFirst version, development moved to 5110-connected...
2002-02-18 jankratochvilThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc... mygnokii2002_02_18_02_53