2017-11-18 Davide Italiano[ABI] Remove dead code that was copy-pasted all around... master
2017-11-18 Davide Italiano[Module] Throw away some more commented code. NFCI.
2017-11-18 Davide Italiano[ABI/SysV] Remove more dead code. NFCI.
2017-11-18 Davide Italiano[Core] Garbage collect dead code untouched in years...
2017-11-17 Alexander Shaposhnikov[lldb] Ensure that dwo/dwp are not double-indexed
2017-11-17 Eugene ZemtsovFix LLDB build.
2017-11-17 Jason MolendaUpdate xcode project file to build new ppc64le files.
2017-11-17 Jim InghamRecognize another magic token sent in the LaunchInfo...
2017-11-17 Jim Ingham"source list -a" was calling DisplaySourceLinesWithNumb...
2017-11-16 Greg ClaytonFixed up to use a class for the commands, renamed the...
2017-11-16 Pavel LabathImplement core dump debugging for PPC64le
2017-11-16 Jason MolendaFix alignment of arm64 fpu register context structure
2017-11-15 Davide Italiano[POSIX] Replace assert with llvm_unreachable(). NFCI.
2017-11-15 Jason MolendaRoll back r318260 because it is causing the windows...
2017-11-15 Jason MolendaTwo small fixes to handle arm64 fpu register contexts in
2017-11-14 Jason MolendaUpdate xcode project file to track ArchSpec.cpp
2017-11-14 Don HintonAdd check for self-assignment. NFC
2017-11-14 Pavel LabathAdd a data formatter for libc++ std::bitset
2017-11-13 Stephane SezerReformat a comment. NFC.
2017-11-13 Pavel LabathFix netbsd, freebsd and osx builds for ArchSpec move
2017-11-13 Pavel LabathMove ArchSpec to the Utility module
2017-11-13 Pavel LabathRemove last Host usage from ArchSpec
2017-11-13 Pavel LabathCompilerType: Add ability to retrieve an integral templ...
2017-11-13 Pavel LabathRevert "[lldb] Use OrcMCJITReplacement rather than...
2017-11-10 Greg ClaytonAdded a way to dump the full paths to all source files...
2017-11-10 Alexander Shaposhnikov[lldb] Remove unused method declaration
2017-11-10 Pavel LabathClean up NativeRegisterContext
2017-11-09 Pavel Labathllgs-tests: Replace the "log+return false" pattern...
2017-11-09 Pavel LabathAdd a unit test for ClangASTContext template arguments...
2017-11-09 Pavel LabathSimplify NativeProcessProtocol::GetArchitecture/GetByte...
2017-11-08 Pavel LabathXfail TestConcurrentTwoWatchpointsOneSignal on arm
2017-11-08 Pavel LabathLog: delimit thread name in log message
2017-11-08 Pavel LabathMake TestTopLevelExprs more robust in face of linker GC
2017-11-07 Pavel LabathUpdate tuple/list/deque data formatters to work with...
2017-11-07 Tamas BerghammerFix an issue in r317563 causing a clang assert
2017-11-07 Tamas BerghammerSupport scoped enums in the DWARF AST parser
2017-11-07 Pavel Labathtest: Clean up finalize_build_dictionary
2017-11-07 Pavel Labath"Fix" concurrent events test for arm
2017-11-07 Stephane SezerDisable tests in lang/c/shared_lib on Windows
2017-11-06 Stephane SezerAdd a dependency from check-lldb on lld
2017-11-06 Pavel LabathExtend android xfail in TestTopLevelExprs
2017-11-04 Tamas BerghammerImprove the posix core file triple detection
2017-11-03 Pavel LabathRemove ProcessGdbRemote::m_flags
2017-11-03 Pavel LabathAdd float/vector registers for ppc64le
2017-11-03 Don HintonAdd type to FileSpec::PathSyntax enum.
2017-11-03 Pavel LabathXfail test_stack_info_in_minidump test
2017-11-03 Pavel LabathFix classifications on two concurrent event tests
2017-11-02 Pavel LabathRemove getCategories mechanism of specifying test categ...
2017-11-02 Pavel LabathRemove android watchpoint xfails
2017-11-02 Pavel LabathFix some warnings found by ToT clang
2017-11-02 Stephane SezerRun clang-format on lldb.cpp
2017-11-02 Stephane SezerUse LLVM version string
2017-11-02 Jason MolendaRevert r317182 for https://reviews.llvm.org/D39128
2017-11-02 Jason MolendaCommit Lawrence D'Anna's patch to change
2017-11-02 Jason MolendaAhhhh roll back that commit, I didn't see that Lawrence...
2017-11-02 Jason MolendaCommit Lawrence D'Anna's patch to change
2017-11-01 Davide Italiano[Core] Comparison for unsigned >= 0 is redundant. NFCI.
2017-11-01 Davide Italiano[XML] Simplify lambda removing unused capture. NFCI.
2017-11-01 Davide Italiano[Interpreter] Remove unused variable usage. NFCI.
2017-11-01 Pavel Labathdotest: consistently call finalize_build_dictionary...
2017-11-01 Jason Molendaadd LibCxxTuple.cpp, LibCxxQueue.cpp to xcode project...
2017-11-01 Pavel LabathAdd data formatter for libc++ std::queue
2017-11-01 Pavel LabathAdd data formatter for libc++ std::tuple
2017-11-01 Pavel LabathRemove uint32_t assignment operator from Status
2017-11-01 Jason MolendaRemove Sean Callanan from the CODE_OWNERS, he won't...
2017-10-31 Jim InghamModernize the example cmdtemplate.py.
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathAdd a "watchpoint" test category and annotate tests...
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathFix LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB build (pr35053)
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathIncrease AdbClient read timeout
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathAdd data formatter for libc++'s forward_list
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathFix mac build broken in r316987
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathInvert ArchSpec<->Platform dependency
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathAndroid.rules: build with "unified android headers"
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathSplit makefile for TestTopLevelExprs
2017-10-30 Jim InghamRemove a stray space.
2017-10-30 Pavel LabathFix windows build broken in r316915
2017-10-30 Pavel LabathMainLoop: work around an android libc bug
2017-10-27 Davide Italiano[CMake] Build clang as dependency when using in-tree...
2017-10-27 Pavel LabathAdd specific ppc64le hardware watchpoint handler
2017-10-27 Pavel LabathFix a use-after-free in lldb-server
2017-10-27 Pavel LabathDefault to using in-tree clang for building test execut...
2017-10-27 Jason MolendaAdd Arm Architecture plugin to the xcode project file.
2017-10-26 Pavel LabathFix TestMinidump for r316673
2017-10-26 Stephane SezerAllow SysV-i386 ABI on everything other than Apple...
2017-10-25 Pavel LabathMakefile.rules: move CFLAGS_EXTRAS to the end of compil...
2017-10-25 Pavel LabathMove StopInfoOverride callback to the new architecture...
2017-10-25 Pavel LabathMove testcases/arm_emulation to testcases/arm/emulation
2017-10-24 Stephane SezerFix a compile warning on linux
2017-10-24 Stephane SezerAllow ObjectFilePECOFF to initialize with ARM binaries.
2017-10-24 Davide Italiano[FreeBSD] Remove more dead code. NFCI.
2017-10-24 Davide Italiano[ExpressionParser] Garbage-collect dead code. NFCI.
2017-10-24 Stephane SezerRemove some unused function calls from ClangUserExpress...
2017-10-24 Stephane SezerRemove some dead code from ClangExpressionDeclMap.cpp
2017-10-24 Pavel LabathRevert "[lldbtests] Handle errors instead of crashing."
2017-10-23 Davide Italiano[lldbtests] Handle errors instead of crashing.
2017-10-23 Pavel LabathUse ipv4 localhost address in lldb-server tests
2017-10-23 Davide Italiano[Symbol] Remove dead code. NFCI.
2017-10-23 Pavel LabathLogging: Disable logging after fork()
2017-10-23 Davide Italiano[lldbtest] Simplify removing an unneeded else. NFCI.
2017-10-20 Pavel Labathlldb-server tests: Propagate environment variables...