2003-09-21 shortRelease: captive1 -> captive2cvs captive
2003-09-21 shortInclude .deb release tag 'captive' to not to conflict... ntfsprogs_200309071734_captive1
2003-09-21 shortFixed proper versioning.
2003-09-16 short'Release' suffixed by 'captivecvs'.
2003-09-16 shortRemoved unused dependency on ranlib(1).
2003-09-16 shortbranch update for ntfsprogs_200309071734
2003-09-15 shortbranch update for ntfsprogs_200309071734
2003-09-15 jankratochvilThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2003-09-09 shortFixed debian packaging man pages.
2003-09-09 short+Debian packaging.
2003-09-09 shortChanged 'Packager' to myself.
2003-09-09 shortRemoved unused dependency on C++ compiler.
2003-08-31 shortCompile with debugging+warnings if in '--enable-maintai...
2003-08-31 shortntfs_attr_close(): Ignore NULL 'ntfs_attr'.
2003-08-30 shortFixed AutoGen RPM building.
2003-08-30 shortRemoved 'autogen.sh' from 'make dist'.
2003-08-30 shortlinux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/snapshots/ntfsprogs-20030731...
2003-08-30 shortAutoGen-ized.
2003-08-30 shortRemoved autogenerated files from CVS.
2003-08-30 shortlinux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/snapshots/ntfsprogs-20030731... ntfsprogs_200307311516