2006-06-29 laceRelease: 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2cvs master
2006-06-29 laceRelease: 1.1.1 udpgate-1_1_1
2006-06-27 laceFixed non-Gnome compilation; gobject requirement was...
2006-06-27 lacenew www.mms2.org hostname update.
2005-11-13 shortRelease: 1.1 -> 1.1.1cvs
2005-11-13 shortRelease: 1.1 udpgate-1_1
2005-11-13 short+NEWS section for: udpgate-1.1
2005-11-13 shortGeneral Czech translation update.
2005-11-13 shortTCP port forwarding implemented.
2005-09-28 shortRelease: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4cvs
2005-09-28 shortRelease: 1.0.3 udpgate-1_0_3
2005-09-28 shortFixed compatibilitu with recent: rpmbuild(1)
2005-09-28 shortRelease: 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3cvs
2005-09-28 shortRelease: 1.0.2 udpgate-1_0_2
2005-09-28 shortUpdated up to: udpgate-1.0.2
2005-07-09 shortDo not set it modal as ... who knows. At least in the...
2005-07-09 shortFixed back proper unbundling error reporting.
2005-07-08 shortImproved safe errors set during unbundling.
2005-07-08 shortFixed fonts memory corruption for: --enable-bundle
2005-07-07 short+Include bundled font for the Gnome UI.
2005-07-07 short+bundle_util_file_insert(): Glue for autogenerated...
2005-07-07 short+bundle_util_file_insert(): Glue for autogenerated...
2005-06-26 shortGModule disabled moved out to the static building package.
2005-06-26 shortGeneral Czech translation update.
2005-06-26 shortCosmetic: Fixed warn.
2005-06-26 shortbundle_util_file_write() has now 'flags' parameter.
2005-06-26 shortLocale bundled files are now cleaned up on exit.
2005-06-26 shortCleanup getenv(3) by GLib compatible functions.
2005-06-26 shortbundle_util_file_write() has now 'flags' parameter.
2005-06-26 shortPathnames detection generalized, no longer 'configurati...
2005-06-26 shortPID is now also tried to be stored to: /tmp
2005-06-26 shortPathnames detection generalized, no longer 'configurati...
2005-06-26 short+Sanity check+warn if the registrance on/off succeeded...
2005-06-26 shortFixed checking of IPv4 port validity.
2005-06-26 shortCosmetic: Fixed error message.
2005-06-26 shortGeneral Czech translation update.
2005-06-26 shortFixed repeated reporting of chkconfig(8) help on failed...
2005-06-26 shortWorkaround GCC stupidity warn.
2005-06-26 shortFixed fatality in the recent Gnome UI shutdown race...
2005-06-26 shortImplemented crossplatform automatic startup management.
2005-06-26 short"Try random port" now also automatically starts the...
2005-06-26 shortAlways report only once per the session: Error writing...
2005-06-26 shortImplemented crossplatform+$HOME configuration file...
2005-06-26 shortImplemented crossplatform+$HOME configuration file...
2005-06-23 shortProvide automatic 'GModule' disabled if: --enable-bundle
2005-06-20 shortUpdate 'SERVER_INADDR', hopefully final.
2004-06-20 shortRelease: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2cvs
2004-06-20 shortRelease: 1.0.1 udpgate-1_0_1
2004-06-15 shortImplemented LSB init scripts compliance.
2004-06-15 shortImplemented LSB init scripts compliance.
2004-06-12 short+Verbose message for dropping data packets before a...
2004-06-09 shortMake binary 'LOCATION' autodetected and configurable.
2004-06-09 shortFix platform identifier in "PROGRAM_VERSION" of the...
2004-06-08 shortFixed probe port number.
2004-06-06 shortRelease: 1.0 -> 1.0.1cvs
2004-06-06 shortRelease: 1.0 udpgate-1_0
2004-06-06 shortFixed utf8-related Perl corruption of the bundled data.
2004-06-06 shortFixed forgotten 'bundle.pl' during 'make dist' during...
2004-06-06 shortFixed 'make dist' during --disable-bundle.
2004-06-06 shortDo not fail on unsuccessful --startup-* commands.
2004-06-06 short1.0: First public release.
2004-06-05 short+'use bytes' for the proper binary files encoding.
2004-06-05 short+Czech translation.
2004-06-05 shortMessage typo.
2004-06-05 shortFixed 'make distfiles DISTFILES_PRINT=1' for POTFILES...
2004-06-05 shortTry probing the server indefinitely from commandline.
2004-06-05 shortFIxed '--enable-bundle' for the compilation of CVS...
2004-06-05 shortCosmetic: +'probe' assertion check.
2004-06-05 shortCosmetic: network_start() split.
2004-06-05 shortRPM: +description.
2004-06-01 shortCosmetic: Prevent false positive: might be used uniniti...
2004-05-23 shortCosmetic: Force the bundle disable.
2004-05-23 shortDo not require specific installation path.
2004-05-23 shortFixed+foolproofed some GTK+ reentrancy/recursion segfaults.
2004-05-23 shortNew 'HostIP' message: "(unknown; Kill the daemon and...
2004-05-23 shortnetwork_stop(): Fixed forgotten removal of a foreign...
2004-05-23 short+Flush configuration also just after the options parsing.
2004-05-23 shortFixed uninitialized recvfrom(2) 'fromlen'.
2004-05-23 shortFixed socket(2) call compatibility to specify also...
2004-05-23 shortCosmetic.
2004-05-23 shortProper dependencies of mandatory/optional bundle rebuil...
2004-05-23 shortFixed 'distfiles' target after the removal of 'BUILT_SO...
2004-05-23 shortGnomeUI binding of the new --startup-* options.
2004-05-23 shortFixed false backups even if the file is not modified.
2004-05-23 short+Locale catalogs rewriting if --enable-bundle.
2004-05-23 shortImplemented startup script registration command-line...
2004-05-23 shortRemoved 'BUILT_SOURCES' hack; automake(1) features...
2004-05-23 short+Option --enable-bundle for the fully static built...
2004-05-23 short+User notification of the probe timeout.
2004-05-23 shortFixed GnomeUI segfault on the config file update.
2004-05-23 short/etc/sysconfig/udpgate configuration file read/write...
2004-05-23 shortCosmetic: Removed some forgotten from captive-install...
2004-05-23 shortFixed GnomeUI filenames for the Glade requirement durin...
2004-05-21 shortFixed C macro compatibility with older GCC.
2004-05-21 shortGnome UI is now optional.
2004-05-21 shortCosmetic: Removed unused "NEVER" AM_CONDITIONAL.
2004-05-21 shortCosmetic: Fixed checkstatic(1) compliance.
2004-05-21 shortCommand-line version implemented.
2004-05-21 short+Protocol documentation
2004-05-21 shortFixed "Detected Host IP" notifications.