Support 9210 CSV contacts format.
[PerlMail.git] / perlmail-submit
2004-11-28 shortFixed proper error reporting if MySQL --store fails.
2004-10-14 shortTurn off caching on the server side.
2003-10-18 shortFixed 'Server has gone away'.
2003-10-18 short+option --dump for unconditional --pending.
2003-10-18 shortGPLed
2003-10-18 shortMove My-Audit to PerlMail::Config.
2003-10-18 shortSeparate Config space.
2003-10-18 shortrename
2003-07-27 short$PeerAddr: Temporarily use localhost:2852.
2002-10-11 shortFixed --clean: "retries" was not checked!
2002-10-11 short+Option --clean [[print:]<interval>]: drops old mails
2002-10-11 short+$ExitCode: we will succeed if we did --store even...
2002-10-06 short$Socket_timeout: 15->600
2002-10-04 shortFirst production release