2005-12-18 laceSomehow 'packaged'.
2005-08-13 shortsession_transfer(): Do not write the data into input...
2005-08-10 shortFixed mostly harmless stray '\'.
2005-08-09 shortAttempt for simplified '--stop' locking.
2005-08-09 shortFixed --stop if the lock file does not exist.
2005-08-09 short+Comment: GPL copyright.
2005-08-09 shortSome prevention of stale locks by unlocking it whenever...
2005-08-09 shortPermit multiple-argumented commands.
2005-08-09 shortLooks as generally working now.
2005-08-09 shortFirst final but buggy code.
2005-08-08 shortSome updates, still nothing interesting here.
2005-08-08 shortUntested draft of xinetd(8) interface for on-demand...