Add clang-reorder-fields to clang-tools-extra
[lldb.git] / clang-tools-extra / CMakeLists.txt
2016-09-01 Alexander ShaposhnikovAdd clang-reorder-fields to clang-tools-extra
2016-04-20 Benjamin Kramer[include-fixer] Add a prototype for a new include fixin...
2016-01-27 Alexander KornienkoAdd clang-tools-extra documentation to the CMake build.
2015-12-17 Alexander KornienkoRemove clang-modernize.
2015-10-01 NAKAMURA TakumiFix the *unchecked* commit.
2015-10-01 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Don't include the test directories if CLANG_INC...
2015-03-16 Alexander KornienkoMove remove-cstr-calls from a standalone executable...
2015-02-20 John ThompsonDeleted module-map-checker, as it's been folded into...
2014-08-20 Manuel KlimekRevert rL215947: "[clang-rename] revert r215839"
2014-08-18 Gerolf Hoflehner[clang-rename] revert r215839
2014-08-17 Manuel KlimekFirst version of a clang-rename tool.
2014-07-16 Alp TokerTrack clang r213171
2014-07-14 Alp TokerFix build when various clang feature flags are enabled...
2014-02-01 Peter CollingbourneSwitch clang-query to use the lineeditor library.
2014-01-19 NAKAMURA Takumi[CMake] check_library_exists() requires inclusion in...
2014-01-07 John ThompsonInitial checkin of new module-map-checker tool.
2013-11-08 Peter CollingbourneIntroduce clang-query tool.
2013-10-31 John Thompsonpp-trace - preprocessor tacing and PPCallbacks testing...
2013-09-04 Chandler CarruthRename cpp11-migrate to clang-modernize.
2013-09-03 Edwin VaneRename clang-replace -> clang-apply-replacements
2013-08-22 Edwin VaneIntroducing new tool clang-replace
2013-07-29 Daniel JasperInitial architecture for clang-tidy.
2013-04-03 Edwin VaneUnit test support for Clang extra tools
2013-03-20 Daniel JasperRemove clang-format from clang-tools-extra.
2013-03-12 John ThompsonInitial check in of Doug's modularize tool for checking...
2013-01-10 Edwin VaneRemoving loop-convert tool
2012-12-12 Edwin VaneInitial commit for cpp11-migrate tool
2012-12-05 Daniel JasperFirst version of a command line clang-format tool.
2012-08-24 Sam Panzerloop-convert, a C++11 for loop modernizer
2012-08-24 Sam PanzerReverted to correct commit this time.
2012-08-24 Sam PanzerReverted incorect partial commit of loop migrator....
2012-08-24 Sam PanzerFor Loop Conversion
2012-08-14 Marshall ClowRename directory from 'toolTemplate' to 'tool-template'
2012-08-14 Marshall ClowAdded a tool template to make creating new tools simpler
2012-08-07 Chandler CarruthAdd a root CMakeLists.txt and fix up all the test build...