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[lldb.git] / clang-tools-extra / CODE_OWNERS.TXT
2020-01-29 Sam McCall[clangd] add CODE_OWNERS
2019-06-28 Julie HockettUpdate CODE_OWNERS.txt for clang-doc
2018-11-15 Peter CollingbourneRemove myself as owner of clang-query.
2018-11-14 Aaron BallmanAdding myself as the code owner for clang-query as...
2015-09-02 Aaron BallmanUpdating the code owners list.
2013-10-08 Edwin VaneSwitching code owner email address.
2013-09-04 Chandler CarruthRename cpp11-migrate to clang-modernize.
2013-03-14 Edwin VaneAdding a new code owners file for clang-tools-extra.