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2020-03-07 Petr Hosek[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output
2020-03-05 Petr HosekRevert "[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output"
2020-03-04 Petr Hosek[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output
2020-02-14 Alexandre Ganea[Support] On Windows, ensure hardware_concurrency(...
2020-02-08 Petr HosekRevert "[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output"
2020-02-08 Petr Hosek[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output
2020-02-03 Petr HosekRevert "[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output"
2020-02-03 Petr Hosek[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output
2020-01-31 Petr HosekRevert "[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output"
2020-01-31 Petr Hosek[clang-doc] Improving Markdown Output
2020-01-29 Mikael HolménMore fixes of implicit std::string conversions
2020-01-28 Benjamin KramerMake llvm::StringRef to std::string conversions explicit.
2020-01-04 Kazuaki IshizakiNFC: Fix trivial typos in comments
2020-01-01 Mark de Wever[NFC] Fixes -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings
2019-11-26 Nico WeberRevert "Use InitLLVM to setup a pretty stack printer"
2019-11-26 Rui UeyamaUse InitLLVM to setup a pretty stack printer
2019-10-04 Michal Gorny[clang-tools-extra] [cmake] Link against libclang-cpp...
2019-09-09 Fangrui Song[clang-doc] sys::fs::F_None -> OF_None. NFC
2019-08-29 Dmitri GribenkoChanged FrontendActionFactory::create to return a std...
2019-08-28 Fangrui Song[clang-doc] Use llvm::createStringError and canonicaliz...
2019-08-26 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Switch Generator::CreateResources to use...
2019-08-23 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Bump BitcodeWriter max line number to 32U
2019-08-22 Benjamin KramerRetire llvm::less/equal in favor of C++14 std::less...
2019-08-22 Dmitri GribenkoRemove \brief commands from doxygen comments.
2019-08-17 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix casting not working in gcc 5.4.0
2019-08-16 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Redesign of generated HTML files
2019-08-16 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix records in global namespace
2019-08-16 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Serialize inherited attributes and methods
2019-08-15 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Sort index elements case insensitive
2019-08-15 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix use of source-root flag
2019-08-15 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix bitcode writer for access specifiers
2019-08-14 Jonas Devlieghere[clang-tools-extra] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std...
2019-08-14 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add missing check in tests
2019-08-12 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Generate HTML links for children namespaces...
2019-08-09 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Generate an HTML index file
2019-08-09 Diego Astiazaran[clang-format] Add link to source code in file definitions
2019-08-08 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Protect Index with mutex during reducing...
2019-08-07 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add second index for sections within info...
2019-08-07 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Parallelize reducing phase
2019-08-06 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix paths of js in import tags
2019-08-06 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add index in each info html file
2019-08-06 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix link generation
2019-08-05 Fangrui SongRename F_{None,Text,Append} to OF_{None,Text,Append...
2019-08-02 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add flag to continue after mapping errors
2019-07-29 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix failing tests on Windows
2019-07-26 Diego Astiazaran[clang-format] Fix style of css file paths
2019-07-25 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add option for user provided stylesheets
2019-07-25 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Add stylesheet to generated html docs
2019-07-25 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix output format of html
2019-07-25 Diego Astiazaran[clang-doc] Fix html entities in rendered text
2019-07-12 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Add html links to references
2019-07-11 Mikael Holmen[clang-doc] Silence compiler warning with gcc 7.4 ...
2019-07-10 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Add a structured HTML generator
2019-07-05 Bjorn PetterssonBitstream reader: Fix undefined behavior seen after...
2019-07-03 Francis Visoiu Mistrih[Bitcode] Move Bitstream to a separate library
2019-07-02 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Serialize child namespaces and records
2019-07-02 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Fix segfault in comment sorting
2019-06-28 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Handle anonymous namespaces
2019-06-28 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] De-duplicate comments and locations
2019-06-26 JF BastienBitStream reader: propagate errors
2019-06-24 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Add basic support for templates and typedef
2019-03-29 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Build as clang_tool
2019-03-01 Fangrui SongFix file headers. NFC
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2018-10-26 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Switch to default to all-TUs executor
2018-10-16 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Limit integration tests
2018-10-16 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Add unit tests for bitcode
2018-10-04 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Clean up Markdown output
2018-10-03 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Avoid parsing undefined base classes
2018-09-29 Vitaly Buka[cxx2a] Fix warning triggered by r343285
2018-09-12 Simon PilgrimFix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning...
2018-09-11 Julie HockettReland "Implement a (simple) Markdown generator"
2018-08-24 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Fix memory leaks
2018-08-16 Julie HockettRevert "Implement a (simple) Markdown generator"
2018-08-16 Julie HockettImplement a (simple) Markdown generator
2018-08-15 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Explicitly cast to unique_ptr
2018-08-15 Julie HockettReland "[clang-doc] Updating BitcodeReader to use llvm...
2018-08-14 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Fix unused variable
2018-08-13 Julie HockettRevert "[clang-doc] Updating BitcodeReader to use llvm...
2018-08-13 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Updating BitcodeReader to use llvm::Error
2018-08-13 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Pass over function-internal declarations
2018-08-09 Stephen KellyPort getLocStart -> getBeginLoc
2018-08-03 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Fix unique_ptr error on bots
2018-08-02 Julie HockettReland "[clang-doc] Refactoring mapper to map by scope"
2018-08-02 Julie HockettRevert "[clang-doc] Refactoring mapper to map by scope"
2018-08-02 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Refactoring mapper to map by scope
2018-07-20 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Create a script to generate tests
2018-07-20 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Adding PublicOnly flag
2018-06-06 Simon PilgrimFix MSVC 'not all control paths return a value' warning...
2018-06-06 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Implement a YAML generator
2018-06-04 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Adding missing dependencies to fix linker...
2018-06-04 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Implement reducer portion of the frontend...
2018-05-04 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Attaching a name to reference data
2018-03-26 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Removing -Wunused-variable warning
2018-03-22 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Reland "[clang-doc] Setup clang-doc fronten...
2018-03-22 Julie HockettRevert "[clang-doc] Reland "[clang-doc] Setup clang...
2018-03-21 Julie Hockett[clang-doc] Reland "[clang-doc] Setup clang-doc fronten...
2018-03-12 Julie HockettRevert "Reland "[clang-doc] Setup clang-doc frontend...
2018-03-12 Julie HockettReland "[clang-doc] Setup clang-doc frontend framework"
2018-03-09 Julie HockettRevert "[clang-doc] Setup clang-doc frontend framework"