[clang-tools-extra] Prevent linking to duplicate .a libs and dylib
[lldb.git] / clang-tools-extra / clang-tidy / openmp / CMakeLists.txt
2020-06-17 Michał Górny[clang-tools-extra] Prevent linking to duplicate .a...
2020-04-07 Johannes Doerfert[OpenMP] "UnFix" layering problem with FrontendOpenMP
2020-04-06 Johannes Doerfert[OpenMP] Fix layering problem with FrontendOpenMP
2019-12-18 Michał Górny[clang-tools-extra] Fix linking dylib for LLVMFrontendO...
2019-12-11 Adam Balogh[clang-tidy] Link shared library clangTidyOpenMPModule...
2019-03-22 Roman Lebedev[clang-tidy] openmp-exception-escape - a new check
2019-03-22 Roman Lebedev[clang-tidy] openmp-use-default-none - a new check
2019-03-22 Roman Lebedev[clang-tidy] A new OpenMP module