Revert "[ARM][TypePromotion] Enable by default"
[lldb.git] / clang / .clang-tidy
2019-02-01 Ilya BiryukovDisable tidy checks with too many hits
2018-03-20 Ilya BiryukovBackport changes from llvm/.clang_tidy to clang/.clang_...
2016-04-13 Alexander KornienkoTry to use readability-identifier-naming check on Clang.
2016-04-13 Alexander Kornienko[clang-tidy] Disable misc-unused-parameters for clang.
2014-10-29 Alexander KornienkoEnable display of compiler diagnostics in clang-tidy.
2014-09-08 Alexander KornienkoAdd .clang-tidy configuration file to provide LLVM...