Revert "[NFCI][IR] ConstantRangeTest: add basic scaffolding for next-gen precision...
[lldb.git] / clang / .gitignore
2019-01-29 James Y KnightAdjust documentation for git migration.
2018-12-03 Gor NishanovNFC: Add .vscode to .gitignore
2018-11-30 Aaron BallmanRevert an inadvertent change from r348020.
2018-11-30 Aaron BallmanReverting r347949-r347951 because they broke the test...
2018-08-22 George Karpenkov[NFC] Add tags file to .gitignore
2016-01-29 Eric ChristopherAdd the clang debug info test directory to .gitignore...
2015-07-16 Evgeniy StepanovRevert r242365.
2015-07-16 Naomi Musgraveupdated tests for correct commit, concerning D11198
2015-06-17 Sean Silva[.gitignore] ignore vim swap files harder
2013-01-31 Alexander KornienkoReverted unintendedly-committed file.
2013-01-31 Alexander KornienkoMicro-change: moved a brace for better readability
2013-01-02 Sean Silvaanalyzer: add initial Sphinx configuration
2012-12-12 Sean Silvadocs: Initial Sphinx setup for Clang.
2012-10-09 Michael LiaoAdd extra vim swap file pattern
2012-08-13 David BlaikieTeach Git to ignore the tools/extra directory.
2011-10-24 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert "Test commit"
2011-10-24 NAKAMURA TakumiTest commit
2011-07-18 Eric ChristopherAdd .gitignore file.