[Sparc] Fix handling of double incoming arguments on sparc little-endian.
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2010-07-07 Duncan SandsA Release-Asserts build is now called a Release build.
2009-12-12 Daniel DunbarRemove clang-cc tool, it has joined in unholy union...
2009-11-13 Ken Dyckadd missing slashes to separator line; also testing...
2009-09-24 John McCallUpdate the PTH performance "script".
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2008-03-13 Anders CarlssonAdd note about asm constraints.
2008-03-09 Chris Lattnersecondary targets are gone, simplify this.
2008-03-05 Chris LattnerRemove the first layer of support for "portability...
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2007-12-03 Ted KremenekAdded some notes on the -triple and -arch options.
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2006-10-27 Chris Lattnertest
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