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2006-08-10 Chris Lattneradd notes
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2006-07-29 Chris Lattnerthis item done
2006-07-28 Chris LattnerImplement paste avoidance, implementing Preprocessor...
2006-07-28 Chris Lattnerupdate notes. Function-style macros are largely done.
2006-07-19 Chris LattnerAdd some notes
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2006-07-15 Chris LattnerImplement the microsoft charize extension #@
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2006-07-05 Chris LattnerImplement support for arbitrarily mapping non-error...
2006-07-04 Chris LattnerThis is implemented.
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2006-06-25 Chris LattnerImplement -P mode.
2006-06-24 Chris LattnerFinish implementation of #pragma once. Implement ...
2006-06-18 Chris LattnerAdd a bunch more forward looking notes
2006-06-18 Chris Lattner-E output mostly implemented
2006-06-18 Chris LattnerInitial checkin of c-language parser