Revert builtins fp16 support: tests do not pass on Mac
[lldb.git] / compiler-rt / lib / builtins / truncsfhf2.c
2020-11-26 Reid KlecknerRevert builtins fp16 support: tests do not pass on Mac
2020-11-19 Adhemerval Zanella[compiler-rt] [builtins] Use _Float16 on extendhfsf2...
2019-04-29 Petr Hosek[builtins] Use aliases for function redirects
2019-04-28 Petr Hosek[builtins] Reformat builtins with clang-format
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate more file headers across all of the LLVM project...
2017-10-03 Eli Friedman[compiler-rt] Add back ARM EABI aliases where legal.
2017-05-16 Saleem Abdulrasoolbuiltins: expand out the AEABI function stubs
2015-10-07 Oliver StannardAdd ARM RTABI aliases for half-precision conversions
2015-10-06 Saleem Abdulrasoolbuiltins: Use MSVC-equivalents of attributes
2015-05-14 Ahmed Bougacha[Builtins] Implement f2h/h2f by jumping to trunc/extend.
2015-05-12 Ahmed Bougacha[Builtins] Implement half-precision conversions.