[CodeGen] Fix Bug 47499: __unaligned extension inconsistent behaviour with C and C++
[lldb.git] / compiler-rt /
2020-11-05 Leonard Chan[NFC] Add InitializePlatformCommonFlags for Fuchsia
2020-11-05 Peter Collingbournescudo: Don't memset previously released cached pages...
2020-11-05 Vy Nguyen[sanitizers] Remove the test case involving `new int[0]`
2020-11-05 Adhemerval Zanella[lsan] Disable some LSAN tests for arm-linux-gnueabi{hf}
2020-11-05 Adhemerval Zanella[sanitizer] Assume getrandom might not be supported...
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[NFC] Fix cpplint warnings
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[LSAN] Fix compilation error on MSVC
2020-11-05 Vitaly BukaRevert "[LSAN] Fix preprocessor condition for MSVC"
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[LSAN] Fix preprocessor condition for MSVC
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[LSAN] Enabled only with __ANDROID_API__ >= 28
2020-11-05 Vy Nguyen[sanitizers] Add missing definition
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Fix -fno-emulated-tls setup
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[NFC] Extract InitializePlatformCommonFlags
2020-11-05 Vy Nguyen[lsan] Remove unnecessary elf-tls condition
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Quick fix for non-Linux build
2020-11-05 Vitaly Buka[LSAN] Fix CAN_SANITIZE_LEAKS on Android
2020-11-05 Vy NguyenReland [lsan] Enable LSAN for Android
2020-11-05 Vy Nguyen[sanitizer] Allow preinit array on Android
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[NFC][sanitizer] Reformat some code
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Get Android API from --target
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[NFC][LSAN] Remove unused variable
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[NFC] Fix comment in test
2020-11-04 Vy NguyenFix breakage in D89615 (due to cmake version 3.16.5)
2020-11-04 Vy Nguyen[NFC]Remove unused variable
2020-11-04 Vy NguyenDisable emulated-tls for compiler-rt+tests on Android...
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[NFC][UBSAN] Replace "count 0" with FileCheck
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Remove ANDROID_NDK_VERSION
2020-11-04 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Remove -Wno-non-virtual-dtor
2020-11-04 Vy NguyenUse LLD for Android compiler-rt
2020-11-03 Petr Hosek[compiler-rt] Use empty SuspendedThreadsList for Fuchsia
2020-11-03 Vitaly Buka[memprof] Don't protect destructor in final
2020-11-03 etiotto[compiler-rt][profile][AIX]: Enable compiler-rt profile...
2020-11-03 Martin Storsjö[compiler-rt] [ubsan] Use the itanium type info lookup...
2020-11-03 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Cleanup -Wnon-virtual-dtor warnings
2020-11-03 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Make destructors protected
2020-11-03 Alex Lorenz[darwin] add support for __isPlatformVersionAtLeast...
2020-11-03 Kostya Kortchinsky[scudo][standalone] Code tidying (NFC)
2020-11-02 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Stub out backtrace/signal functions on Fuchsia
2020-11-02 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Reenable test with fix for bot failures
2020-11-02 Jim Lin[compiler-rt][NFC] Fix typo in comment
2020-11-02 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Pass down memory profile name with optional...
2020-10-31 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Fuchsia specific mapping & utilities functions
2020-10-31 Vitaly Buka[sanitizer] Disabled 2 tests on Android
2020-10-31 Petr Hosek[CMake] Avoid accidental C++ standard library dependenc...
2020-10-31 Arthur EubanksRevert "Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of...
2020-10-31 Petr Hosek[NFC][CMake] Move some COMPILER_RT variables setup
2020-10-31 Petr Hosek[CMake] Add -fno-rtti into tsan unittests
2020-10-31 Petr Hosek[CMake] Remove cxx-headers from runtime deps
2020-10-31 Petr Hosek[CMake] Replace ctime with time.h in memprof
2020-10-30 Peter CollingbourneAArch64: Switch to x20 as the shadow base register...
2020-10-30 Dmitry Vyukovtsan: add Go race detector support for macOS/ARM64
2020-10-30 Arthur EubanksUse uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t
2020-10-30 Louis Dionne[compiler-rt] Don't include libc++ headers from the...
2020-10-30 Dmitry Vyukov[sanitizer] Use __atomic_load/store() built-ins for...
2020-10-29 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Add mutexes for Fuchsia
2020-10-29 Adhemerval Zanella[sanitizer] Disable ASLR for release_shadow_space
2020-10-29 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Temporarily disable test failing on a couple...
2020-10-29 Jody Sankey[sanitizer][fuchsia] Avoid deprecated syscall.
2020-10-29 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Augment test to debug avr bot failure
2020-10-29 Teresa Johnson[sanitizer] Print errno for report file open failure
2020-10-29 Vitaly BukaRevert "[NFC][TSAN] Logs to debug test script on bot"
2020-10-29 Cameron Finucane[libFuzzer] Remove InterruptHandler from Fuchsia implem...
2020-10-28 Peter CollingbourneReland "hwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} intercept...
2020-10-28 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Abstract the thread local variables access
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][TSAN] Logs to debug test script on bot
2020-10-28 Ulrich Weigand[compiler-rt][SystemZ] Skip fuzzer/full-coverage.test
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][Sanitizer] format sanitizer_platform_interceptors.h
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][Asan] Fix cpplint warning in test
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][Asan] Fix cpplint warnings in tests
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][UBSAN] Try to re-enable tests on IOS
2020-10-28 Vitaly Buka[NFC][UBSAN] Remove XFAIL from fixed tests
2020-10-27 Nico WeberRevert "Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of...
2020-10-27 Alex RichardsonFix sancov.py when objdump is llvm-objdump
2020-10-27 Arthur EubanksUse uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t
2020-10-26 Vedant Kumar[profile] Suppress spurious 'expected profile to requir...
2020-10-26 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Decouple memprof build from COMPILER_RT_BUILD...
2020-10-26 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Refactor memory mapping functions
2020-10-26 Dmitry Vyukovtsan: add mips64 support in lib/tsan/go/buildgo.sh
2020-10-25 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Temporarily disable part of test
2020-10-24 Drew Fisher[asan] Fix stack-use-after-free checks on non-main...
2020-10-24 Drew Fisher[asan][fuchsia] set current thread before reading threa...
2020-10-24 Nico WeberRevert "hwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} intercept...
2020-10-24 Benjamin Kramer[X86] Add a stub for Intel's alderlake.
2020-10-24 Vitaly Buka[NFC][UBSAN] Refine CHECK pattern in test
2020-10-24 Peter Collingbournehwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} interceptors...
2020-10-24 Vitaly Buka[NFC][UBSAN] Avoid "not FileCheck" in tests
2020-10-23 Max Moroz[libFuzzer] Added -print_full_coverage flag.
2020-10-23 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Attempt to debug avr bot failure
2020-10-23 Amy Huang[Asan][Windows] Fix asan stack traces on Windows.
2020-10-23 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] XFAIL test on avr until issue can be debugged
2020-10-23 Alex OrlovThese compiler-rt tests should be UNSUPPORTED instead...
2020-10-22 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Move random-related code in the allocator...
2020-10-22 Nikita PopovRevert "[GWP-ASan] Move random-related code in the...
2020-10-22 Kostya Kortchinsky[GWP-ASan] Move random-related code in the allocator
2020-10-22 Teresa Johnson[MemProf] Allow the binary to specify the profile outpu...
2020-10-22 Vy NguyenDo not intercept __libc_memalign and cfree on Android...
2020-10-22 Teresa Johnson[sanitizer] Allow log_path to distinguish default from...
2020-10-22 Vy Nguyen[sanitizer]Update tests to be compatible with Android.
2020-10-21 Teresa Johnson[sanitizer] Convert PrintModuleMap to DumpProcessMap
2020-10-21 Luís Marques[compiler-rt][builtins][RISCV] Always include __mul...