[RISCV] Add addu.w and slliu.w test that uses getelementptr with zero extended indices.
[lldb.git] / flang / CMakeLists.txt
2021-01-19 Raul Tambre[CMake] Remove dead code setting policies to NEW
2021-01-14 Andrzej Warzynski[flang][driver] Unify f18_version.h.in and Version...
2020-10-14 Andrzej Warzynski[flang] Fix CMake bug in the definition of flang-new
2020-10-14 Serge Guelton[flang] Make flang build compatible with LLVM dylib
2020-09-21 Dave Lee[cmake] Centralize LLVM_ENABLE_WARNINGS option
2020-09-11 Caroline Concatto[flang][driver] Add the new flang compiler and frontend...
2020-09-09 Diana Picus[cmake] Use absolute paths for modules search
2020-08-27 Pavel Labath[cmake] Make gtest include directories a part of the...
2020-08-11 Tim Keith[flang] Disable -Wmaybe-uninitialized for GCC
2020-08-05 Andrzej Warzynski[Flang] Fix multi-config generator builds
2020-07-31 Tim KeithRevert "[flang] Fix multi-config generator builds."
2020-07-30 David Truby[flang] Fix multi-config generator builds.
2020-07-24 David Truby[flang] Run non-gtest unit tests with lit.
2020-07-22 Louis Dionne[CMake] Bump CMake minimum version to 3.13.4
2020-07-14 Isuru Fernando[flang] Turn off FLANG_ENABLE_WERROR by default
2020-06-22 sameeran joshi[flang]Fix individual tests with lit when building...
2020-06-15 sameeran joshi[flang] unit test support for out-of-tree and in-tree...
2020-06-08 Isuru Fernando[flang] Use LLVM's flags
2020-06-02 David Truby[flang] Fix release build flags.
2020-04-27 sameeran joshi[flang][docs] Doxygen support in flang.
2020-03-27 Steve Scalpone[flang] [mlir rebase] Add MLIR config and react to...
2020-03-26 Patrick McCormick[flang] A rework of the cmake build components for...
2020-03-13 Luke Ireland[flang] Added CMakeLists changes, moved config and...
2020-03-13 Luke Ireland[flang] Create a separate directory for unittests
2020-03-12 jeanPerier[flang] Add Fortran IR (FIR) MLIR dialect implementatio...
2020-03-02 David Truby[flang] Link against zlib when LLVM does.
2020-02-17 Jean Perier[flang] Add Pre-FIR Tree structure to help lowering...
2020-01-14 CarolineConcatto[flang] Regression tests configuration for f18 reposito...
2020-01-10 Gary Klimowicz[flang] Minor format change to LLVM license lines
2019-12-23 Gary Klimowicz[flang] Flang relicensing changes for LLVM Apache 2...
2019-12-10 arjunsuresh1987[flang] Fix file path in cmake (flang-compiler/f18...
2019-10-02 peter klausler[flang] Enable more warnings, clean them up
2019-09-25 peter klausler[flang] Prep for review
2019-09-09 peter klausler[flang] Clean out some dead code, improve naming &...
2019-08-16 peter klausler[flang] Another pass with clean builds
2019-08-16 peter klausler[flang] Enable more warnings, deal with fallout
2019-08-16 peter klausler[flang] Enable some new warnings, clean up some of...
2019-06-18 peter klausler[flang] -fno-exceptions
2019-06-13 Steve Scalpone[flang] Remove extra spaces.
2019-06-13 Steve Scalpone[flang] Our coding conventions prohibit rtti; enforce...
2019-03-28 Steve Scalpone[flang] Add CMake rules to install static and shared...
2019-03-20 peter klausler[flang] Remove OwningPointer, use unique_ptr better...
2019-03-14 Tim Keith[flang] Change default for LINK_WITH_FIR to ON.
2019-03-13 Tim Keith[flang] Add cmake option to link with FIR and LLVM
2019-03-11 Steve Scalpone[flang] To use LLVM's libc++ instead of GCC's libstdc...
2019-03-08 Tim Keith[flang] Remove build dependency on clang
2019-01-24 peter klausler[flang] update copyright date
2019-01-23 peter klausler[flang] tweak CMakeLists.txt options
2019-01-23 peter klausler[flang] Enable building f18 as shared libraries
2018-06-18 peter klausler[flang] Rearrange some facilities into a new lib/common.
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] Address review comments
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] LOGICAL
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] begin testing reals
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] Rename fixed-point to integer.
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] Add pop count and parity code and tests.
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] Testing framework, debugging of fixed-point...
2018-06-14 peter klausler[flang] unit testing for LZBC
2018-05-16 peter klausler[flang] Document and initiate development of run time...
2018-05-04 peter klausler[flang] fix building with clang after merge
2018-05-03 Stephane Chauveau[flang] Manual backport of sch_llvm branch
2018-05-01 Tim Keith[flang] Add copyright notices.
2018-04-27 peter klausler[flang] Clean out the PGI stuff from CMakeLists.txt.
2018-04-27 peter klausler[flang] More Clang work.
2018-04-27 peter klausler[flang] Use libc++ with clang.
2018-04-26 peter klausler[flang] Refine CMakeLists.txt tweaks.
2018-04-26 peter klausler[flang] Package clang build settings.
2018-04-25 peter klausler[flang] Attempt to build f18 with clang.
2018-02-19 Stephane Chauveau[flang] Add simple recursive CMake directory structure
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Complete merge of provenance feature.
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] More precise source locations on error messages...
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Minor refactoring: extract TokenSequence into...
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Replace Position with Provenance everywhere.
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Development of character provenance.
2018-02-14 Tim Keith[flang] Add test-type.cc to build types from parse...
2018-02-14 Steve Scalpone[flang] Revert "Schauveau cmake"
2018-02-09 Stephane Chauveau[flang] after clang-format
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Move type.{h,cc} and attr.{h,cc}
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Adapt to new directory for idioms.cc, idioms.h.
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Initial work on the representation of types.
2018-02-07 peter klausler[flang] Impose a directory structure. Move files aroun...
2018-02-01 Tim Keith[flang] Remove line that was added by mistake
2018-01-31 Tim Keith[flang] Add CMakeLists.txt and .gitignore