[flang] Add MinSizeRel to .gitignore.
[lldb.git] / flang / CMakeLists.txt
2018-02-19 Stephane Chauveau[flang] Add simple recursive CMake directory structure
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Complete merge of provenance feature.
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] More precise source locations on error messages...
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Minor refactoring: extract TokenSequence into...
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Replace Position with Provenance everywhere.
2018-02-15 peter klausler[flang] Development of character provenance.
2018-02-14 Tim Keith[flang] Add test-type.cc to build types from parse...
2018-02-14 Steve Scalpone[flang] Revert "Schauveau cmake"
2018-02-09 Stephane Chauveau[flang] after clang-format
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Move type.{h,cc} and attr.{h,cc}
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Adapt to new directory for idioms.cc, idioms.h.
2018-02-07 Tim Keith[flang] Initial work on the representation of types.
2018-02-07 peter klausler[flang] Impose a directory structure. Move files aroun...
2018-02-01 Tim Keith[flang] Remove line that was added by mistake
2018-01-31 Tim Keith[flang] Add CMakeLists.txt and .gitignore