Merge branch 'addmainunit4-altlink-sharedstmt-dieref-dwz3-inlinebug-testcategory...
[lldb.git] / flang / module /
2021-04-30 Peter Steinfeld[flang] Allow KIND type parameters to be used as LEN...
2021-04-19 peter klausler[flang] Define missing & needed IEEE_ARITHMETIC symbols
2021-04-10 peter klausler[flang] Accept & fold IEEE_SELECTED_REAL_KIND
2021-02-02 peter klausler[flang] Implement IEEE_SUPPORT_xxx inquiry functions
2021-01-25 peter klausler[flang] Fix errors in ISO_FORTRAN_ENV module for REAL128
2021-01-21 peter klausler[flang] Better C_LOC and C_ASSOCIATED in flang/module
2020-12-16 peter klausler[flang] Implement STORAGE_SIZE(), SIZEOF(), C_SIZEOF()
2020-12-08 peter klausler[flang] Implement derived type description table encoding
2020-07-01 Tim Keith[flang][NFC] Get formatting in sync with latest clang...
2020-03-11 peter klausler[flang] Repair C_LOC
2020-02-19 Pete Steinfeld[flang] Semantic checks for C709, C710, and C711
2020-02-13 peter klausler[flang] Progress on Fortran I/O runtime
2020-01-10 Gary Klimowicz[flang] Minor format change to LLVM license lines
2019-12-31 Tim Keith[flang] Add .mod file dependencies
2019-12-31 peter klausler[flang] Patch build problem
2019-12-31 peter klausler[flang] C_F_POINTER
2019-12-23 Gary Klimowicz[flang] Flang relicensing changes for LLVM Apache 2...
2019-12-20 Kiran Chandramohan[flang] Mark ieee_get_flag and ieee_get_halting_mode...
2019-11-22 peter klausler[flang] Fold MERGE, use it in ISO_FORTRAN_ENV
2019-11-19 peter klausler[flang] Define runtime I/O library interface to be...
2019-10-16 peter klausler[flang] Better shape analysis for CSHIFT, EOSHIFT,...
2019-10-07 peter klausler[flang] Update preprocessing document, commentary
2019-09-10 Pete Steinfeld[flang] Fixed the declarations of IEEE_SUPPORT_FLAG...
2019-09-09 Steve Scalpone[flang] Define iso_fortran_env error_unit.
2019-08-27 peter klausler[flang] Clean up omp_lib.h
2019-08-27 peter klausler[flang] Reformat omp_lib.h
2019-08-26 Steve Scalpone[flang] Implement int_ptr_kind.
2019-08-26 Steve Scalpone[flang] Add the OpenMP module.
2019-08-14 Steve Scalpone[flang] Use ACHAR() instead of the nonstandard backslas...
2019-08-14 Steve Scalpone[flang] Define the named constants for the C characters...
2019-08-09 Peter Steinfeld[flang] - ieee_exceptions.f90: I added all of the...
2019-08-07 Tim Keith[flang] Fix errors in tests and predefined modules
2019-07-01 peter klausler[flang] Use LOC() in iso_c_binding for C_LOC and C_FUNLOC
2019-06-28 peter klausler[flang] Back out bad commit of f18 module files
2019-06-28 peter klausler[flang] Add LOGICAL8, &c.
2019-06-28 peter klausler[flang] Remove unused PRIVATE name
2019-06-06 peter klausler[flang] Placeholder for standard module iso_fortran_env
2019-06-04 peter klausler[flang] Placeholders for some standard modules