Merge branch 'dietoref1-2prep-2-3-4-5-6-7-dwzpair-altlink-sharedstmt-dieref-dwz3...
[lldb.git] / libc / benchmarks /
2021-09-08 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Fix running benchmarks under msan/asan
2021-09-05 Cheng Wang[libc][Obvious] Fix typos
2021-08-20 Fangrui Song[test] Migrate -gcc-toolchain with space separator...
2021-08-19 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Add a trivial implementation for bcmp
2021-08-09 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Update size distributions for memory benchmarks
2021-08-04 Andre Vieira[libc] Fix Memory Benchmarks code after rename
2021-08-03 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Allow benchmarking several implementations at...
2021-08-02 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Add a Google Benchmark target to support continu...
2021-07-28 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Simplify implementation of benchmarks
2021-07-13 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] update benchmark distributions
2021-06-23 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] add benchmarks for memcmp and bzero
2021-06-17 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Generate one benchmark per implementation
2021-06-06 Simon PilgrimLibcBenchmark.h - add missing implicit cmath header...
2021-02-11 Guillaume ChateletFix errors in distributions
2021-01-19 Guillaume Chatelet[libc][NFC] Remove dead code
2021-01-13 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Refresh benchmark progress bar when needed.
2021-01-06 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] remove modulo from CircularArrayRef iterator
2020-12-17 Guillaume ChateletFix dead link
2020-12-17 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] revamp memory function benchmark
2020-11-25 Guillaume ChateletFix case mismatch between definition and declaration
2020-10-15 Guillaume Chatelet[libc][NFC] Add probability distributions for memory...
2020-10-14 Guillaume ChateletFix conjuntion of -Werror,-Wsuggest-override with googl...
2020-09-25 Anthony Steinhauser[libc] Using llvm_libc memcpy in mem* benchmarks.
2020-08-27 Pavel Labath[cmake] Make gtest include directories a part of the...
2020-08-17 Anthony Steinhauser[libc] Make benchmark boxplots transparent.
2020-08-14 Chris Gyurgyik[libc] [obvious] Fix typographical error.
2020-07-13 Andre Vieira[libc][benchmark] Add display option to render.py3
2020-06-19 Anthony Steinhauser[libc] Migrate the libc benchmark instruction to ninja.
2020-06-17 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc][benchmarks] Link the memory benchmark exes to...