[libc] Disable AOR ulp tests for sinf, cosf and sincosf.
[lldb.git] / libc / test /
2020-04-16 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Move implementations of cosf, sinf, sincosf...
2020-04-14 Alex Brachet[libc] Add very basic stdio FILE and fwrite
2020-04-14 Alex Brachet[libc] Remove <functional> dependency in syscall_test.cpp
2020-04-11 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Add fully-qualified target names.
2020-04-08 Paula Toth[libc][NFC] Make all top of file comments consistent.
2020-04-03 Paula Toth[libc] Fix memcpy to adhere to qualified calls.
2020-04-03 Paula Toth[libc] Add strlen implementation.
2020-04-01 Alex Brachet[libc] Add sigfillset and sigdelset
2020-03-28 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Extend add_object rule to handle helper object...
2020-03-25 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Add a simple x86_64 linux loader.
2020-03-22 Alex Brachet[libc] Add signal
2020-03-18 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Adding memcpy implementation for x86_64
2020-03-18 Alex Brachet[libc] Add sigaction
2020-03-12 Alex Brachet[libc] Add initial assert definition
2020-03-10 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Add simple implementations of mtx_lock and mtx_u...
2020-03-10 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Take 2: Add linux implementations of thrd_create...
2020-03-08 Alex Brachet[libc] [NFC] Use matchers in tests
2020-03-06 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc]Revert "Add linux implementations of thrd_create...
2020-03-05 Alex Brachet[libc] [UnitTest] Add Matchers
2020-03-05 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Add linux implementations of thrd_create and...
2020-03-05 Alex Brachet[libc] Create abort and _Exit
2020-03-02 Alex Brachet[libc] Add sigprocmask
2020-02-24 Alex Brachet[libc] [UnitTest] Create death tests
2020-02-20 Alex Brachet[libc] Add Initial Support for Signals
2020-02-13 Alex Brachet[libc] Add Convenience syscall Template Function
2020-02-13 Guillaume ChateletFix unneeded semi column
2020-01-31 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Use cpp::Array instead of cpp::ArrayRef in memor...
2020-01-31 Guillaume Chatelet[libc] Add utils for memory functions
2020-01-24 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Move the implementation of mmap and munmap into...
2020-01-18 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Replace the use of gtest with a new light weight...
2020-01-08 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Add a convenience CMake rule to add testsuites.
2020-01-07 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Move implementations of strcat and strcpy to...
2020-01-06 Siva Chandra Reddy[libc] Move all tests to a top level `test` directory.