Fixed build failure for revision r310261
[lldb.git] / libclc / amdgcn /
2016-08-25 Matt Arsenaultamdgcn: Fix return type of get_num_groups
2016-08-24 Matt Arsenaultamdgcn: Fix return type for get_global_size
2016-08-20 Matt Arsenaultamdgpu: Fix default case value for get_local_size
2016-08-20 Matt Arsenaultamdgcn: Fix get_local_size IR return type
2016-08-19 Matt Arsenaultamdgcn: Correct return types to be size_t
2016-07-22 Jan VeselyAMDGPU: Implement get_global_offset builtin
2016-07-22 Jan VeselyAMDGPU: Use clang intrinsics for workitem builtins
2016-07-18 Matt ArsenaultReplace llvm.AMDGPU.ldexp with llvm.amdgcn.ldexp
2016-02-17 Matt Arsenaultamdgcn: Use new workitem intrinsics
2016-02-13 Matt ArsenaultSplit sources for amdgcn and r600