[ValueObjectSynthetic and ValueObjectDynamicValue] Override GetDeclaration
[lldb.git] / libclc / configure.py
2015-08-07 Jeroen KetemaRequire LLVM >=3.7 and bump version to 0.2.0
2015-04-29 Tom StellardAllow compilation depending to the LLVM version
2015-04-20 Tom Stellardconfigure: Add --enable-runtime-subnormal option
2015-01-06 Tom StellardUse amdgcn triple for SI+ GPUs
2014-12-31 Tom StellardRequire LLVM 3.6 and bump version to 0.1.0
2014-09-02 Jan Veselyconfigure: Add rpath to prepare-builtins util
2014-08-20 Tom StellardR600: Add aliases for hainan and mullins
2014-02-14 Tom StellardAdd generic nvptx targets
2014-02-12 Tom StellardRevert "Enforce python2 for systems that use python3...
2014-01-29 Tom StellardFixed rules names so they are unique when aliases are...
2014-01-29 Tom StellardFixed ninja build issues relating to use of $(DESTDIR)
2014-01-29 Tom StellardEnforce python2 for systems that use python3 as their...
2013-12-29 Aaron WatryPass -fno-builtin flag to clang to silence warnings
2013-12-29 Aaron WatryFix build with LLVM 3.5
2013-11-18 Tom StellardR600: Add aliases for Sea Islands GPUs
2013-10-23 Tom StellardMake C++ compiler configurable
2013-10-10 Tom StellardPort pocl's gen_convert.py script to libclc
2013-10-10 Tom StellardImplement nextafter() builtin
2013-09-05 Tom StellardPlace pkg-config file in $prefix/share/pkgconfig.
2013-08-10 Tom Stellardconfigure: Fix build when clang is installed to a non...
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardconfigure: Enable building separate libraries for targe...
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardconfigure: fix out-of-source build
2013-06-26 Tom StellardAllow targets to override generic implementations
2013-06-26 Tom StellardMake libclc more Linux FHS conform.
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Initial support
2012-12-05 Peter CollingbourneFix build against recent versions of Clang. Based...
2012-06-01 Peter Collingbourneconfigure.py: Add an install rule.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneEnable cl_khr_fp64 when building the library, and fix...
2012-05-28 Peter CollingbourneSwitch to the NVPTX backend.
2012-01-08 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit.