[libc++] Mark the shared_future.wait_for test as being flaky
[lldb.git] / libclc / ptx /
2017-10-08 Jan Veselyptx: Use __clc_nextafter to implement nextafter
2017-10-05 Jeroen KetemaAdd vload_half helpers for ptx
2017-10-04 Jeroen KetemaAdd vstore_half helpers for ptx
2017-10-02 Jan Veselyinteger/sub_sat: Use clang builtin instead of llvm asm
2017-10-02 Jan Veselyinteger/add_sat: Use clang builtin instead of llvm asm
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardlibclc: Rename [add|sub]_sat.ll to [add|sub]_sat_if.ll
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbourneDo not use linkonce_odr linkage in .ll files. This...
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbourneImplement sub_sat builtin. Patch by Lei Mou!
2012-01-08 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit.