[ValueObjectSynthetic and ValueObjectDynamicValue] Override GetDeclaration
[lldb.git] / libclc / r600 /
2015-07-10 Tom StellardR600: Implement accurate double precision sqrt v2
2015-05-06 Jan Veselyr600: Use __clc_ldexp on asics that don't implement...
2015-05-06 Tom Stellardmath: Add ldexp implementation
2015-05-06 Tom StellardImplement ldexp for R600/SI
2014-12-31 Tom Stellardr600: get_work_dim: Update metadata syntax for LLVM 3.6
2014-10-22 Jan Veselyr600: Fix get_work_dim range metadata
2014-10-15 Jan Veselyr600: Use llvm intrinsic to read work dimension information
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map Address spaces for atomic_cmpxchg
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_xchg
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_min
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_xor
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map addr spaces and use atomic_max
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_or
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map atomic_and address spaces
2014-08-20 Aaron Watryvload/vstore: Use casts instead of scalarizing everythi...
2014-06-24 Jeroen KetemaMove clcmacro.h to avoid cluttering user namespace v2
2013-10-31 Tom StellardR600: Set the noduplicate attribute on barrier() intrinsics
2013-10-10 Tom StellardImplement nextafter() builtin
2013-09-06 Aaron WatryAdd atomic_sub and atomic_dec builtin functions
2013-09-05 Aaron WatryAdd atomic_inc and atomic_add builtins
2013-08-12 Aaron WatryEnable assembly vload3 int/uint constant/global for...
2013-08-12 Aaron WatryAdd vload* for addrspace(2) and use as constant load...
2013-07-24 Aaron WatryAdded get_num_groups
2013-07-16 Aaron WatryFix and re-enable R600 vload/vstore assembly
2013-07-08 Tom StellardImplement barrier() builtin
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Fix implementations of get_group_id.ll and get_lo...
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Add overrides file
2013-06-26 Tom StellardR600: Replace cl implementations with LLVM IR implement...
2013-06-26 Tom StellardMove R600 headers into generic directory
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Add get_global_size() implementation
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Fix get_global_id implementation
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Initial support