[ValueObjectSynthetic and ValueObjectDynamicValue] Override GetDeclaration
[lldb.git] / libclc /
2015-08-13 Jeroen KetemaRemove files accidentally not removed in r244310
2015-08-07 Jeroen KetemaRequire LLVM >=3.7 and bump version to 0.2.0
2015-07-24 Tom StellardFix double implementation of log
2015-07-24 Tom StellardImplement accurate log2 function
2015-07-24 Tom StellardUse llvm intrinsics for native_log and native_log2
2015-07-10 Tom StellardR600: Implement accurate double precision sqrt v2
2015-07-10 Tom StellardFix implementation of sqrt v2
2015-07-10 Tom Stellardprepare-builtins: Fix build with LLVM 3.6
2015-06-27 Jeroen KetemaProperly initialize Module pointer
2015-06-24 Tom Stellardprepare-builtins: Fix build with LLVM 3.7
2015-05-13 Tom StellardUse a more accurate implementation for exp
2015-05-13 Tom StellardImplement exp2 using OpenCL C rather than using an...
2015-05-12 Tom StellardImplement sin for double types
2015-05-12 Tom StellardImplement cos for double types
2015-05-12 Tom StellardImplement atan2pi builtin
2015-05-12 Tom StellardImplement atan2 for doubles
2015-05-09 Jan Veselymath: limit half_sqrt to single precision
2015-05-09 Jan Veselygeometric: Limit fast_{distance,length} functions to...
2015-05-09 Jan VeselyFix ldexp fp64 build error
2015-05-09 Tom StellardImplement fast_normalize builtin v4
2015-05-08 Tom StellardImplement half_rsqrt builtin v3
2015-05-06 Jan Veselyr600: Use __clc_ldexp on asics that don't implement...
2015-05-06 Jan VeselyMove ldexp soft implementation to a separate file
2015-05-06 Jan VeselyImplement sinpi builtin
2015-05-06 Tom Stellardmath: Add ldexp implementation
2015-05-06 Tom StellardImplement ldexp for R600/SI
2015-05-06 Tom StellardFix implementation of normalize builtin
2015-04-29 Tom StellardAllow compilation depending to the LLVM version
2015-04-24 Jan VeselyFix compilation warnings without cl_khr_fp64
2015-04-23 Tom StellardImplement fract builtin
2015-04-20 Tom Stellardconfigure: Add --enable-runtime-subnormal option
2015-04-07 Tom StellardImplement atanh builtin
2015-04-07 Tom StellardImplement acosh builtin
2015-04-02 Tom StellardImplement atanpi builtin
2015-04-02 Tom StellardImplement asinpi builtin
2015-04-02 Tom StellardImplement asinh builtin
2015-04-02 Tom StellardImplement acospi builtin
2015-03-31 Tom StellardImplement fmax using __builtin_fmax
2015-03-31 Tom StellardImplement fmin using __builtin_fmin
2015-03-23 Tom StellardImplement fast_distance builtin
2015-03-23 Tom StellardImplement fast_length builtin
2015-03-23 Tom StellardImplement half_sqrt builtin v2
2015-03-23 Tom StellardImplement distance builtin v2
2015-03-23 Tom StellardFix implementation of length builtin v2
2015-03-23 Tom StellardAdd __clc_ prefix to functions in sincos_helpers.cl
2015-03-18 Aaron Watrymath: Implement erfc
2015-03-05 Tom StellardFix bitselect for float/double types v2
2015-03-03 Aaron WatryMove mix from math to common
2015-03-02 Tom StellardImplement step builtin
2015-03-02 Tom StellardImplement smoothstep builtin v2
2015-03-02 Tom StellardImplement radians builtin v2
2015-03-02 Tom StellardImplement degrees builtin v2
2015-02-26 Aaron Watrylibclc/math: Add cospi
2015-01-30 Jan VeselyImplement log10
2015-01-06 Tom StellardUse amdgcn triple for SI+ GPUs
2014-12-31 Tom Stellardr600: get_work_dim: Update metadata syntax for LLVM 3.6
2014-12-31 Tom StellardRequire LLVM 3.6 and bump version to 0.1.0
2014-12-19 Jeroen KetemaRemove wrong semi-colons
2014-11-18 Jeroen KetemaDon't include <stddef.h>
2014-10-27 NAKAMURA TakumiPrune CRLF.
2014-10-22 Jan Veselyr600: Fix get_work_dim range metadata
2014-10-15 Jan Veselyr600: Use llvm intrinsic to read work dimension information
2014-10-07 Tom StellardImplement log1p builtin
2014-10-05 Jan VeselyImplement fmod
2014-10-03 Tom StellardImplement async_work_group_copy builtin v3
2014-10-03 Tom StellardImplement async_work_group_strided_copy builtin v2
2014-10-03 Tom StellardImplement wait_group_events builtin v2
2014-09-18 Jeroen KetemaRemove more redundant semi-colons
2014-09-17 Aaron Watryatomic: undef macros that are included from atomic_decl.inc
2014-09-17 Jeroen KetemaRemove redundant semi-colons
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map Address spaces for atomic_cmpxchg
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_xchg
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_min
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_xor
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map addr spaces and use atomic_max
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map address spaces for atomic_or
2014-09-16 Aaron WatryR600: Map atomic_and address spaces
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Add generic atom[ic]_cmpxchg
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Implement generic atom[ic]_xchg
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Add generic atomic_min implementation
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Add generic atom[ic]_xor
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Add atom[ic]_or
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomics: Add generic atom[ic]_and
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: Add generic implementation of atom[ic]_max
2014-09-16 Aaron Watryatomic: define extension functions for existing atomic...
2014-09-10 Aaron Watrymath: Add tan implementation
2014-09-10 Aaron Watrymath: Add asin implementation
2014-09-10 Aaron Watrymath: Add acos implementation
2014-09-05 Jan Veselyadd isordered builtin
2014-09-05 Jan Veselyadd isunordered builtin
2014-09-05 Jan Veselyadd islessgreater builtin
2014-09-05 Jan Veselyadd isnormal builtin
2014-09-05 Jan Veselyadd isfinite builtin
2014-09-03 Tom StellardImplement isinf builtin
2014-09-03 Tom StellardFix implementation of copysign
2014-09-02 Jan VeselyImplement generic mad_sat
2014-09-02 Jan Veselyconfigure: Add rpath to prepare-builtins util
2014-08-28 Michel DanzerFix build against LLVM SVN >= r216488
2014-08-28 Michel DanzerFix build against LLVM SVN >= r216393
2014-08-23 Aaron WatryRevert "Implement generic mad_sat"