Emit lifetime.start / lifetime.end markers for unnamed temporary objects.
[lldb.git] / libclc /
2014-07-17 Aaron WatryAdd several missing double constant definitions
2014-07-17 Aaron Watryrelational: Implement isnotequal
2014-07-17 Aaron Watryrelational: Implement isgreaterequal
2014-07-17 Aaron Watryrelational: Implement isgreater
2014-07-17 Aaron Watryrelational/signbit: Refactor to use relational macros
2014-07-17 Aaron WatryFix isnan definition for vector results
2014-07-17 Aaron Watryrelational: create re-usable macros for relational...
2014-07-07 Tom Stellardprepare-builtins: Fix broken build due to recent LLVM...
2014-06-26 Jeroen KetemaOpenCL 1.1 does not define CL_VERSION_1_2 so use hardco...
2014-06-25 Aaron Watryrelational: Fix signbit
2014-06-25 Aaron Watryrelational: Implement signbit
2014-06-25 Jeroen KetemaAdd exp10
2014-06-24 Jeroen KetemaAdd half limits
2014-06-24 Jeroen KetemaIntroduce CLC_VERSION macros v2
2014-06-24 Jeroen KetemaAdd MAXFLOAT
2014-06-24 Jeroen KetemaMove clcmacro.h to avoid cluttering user namespace v2
2014-06-23 Jeroen KetemaProtect functions taking double by #ifdef cl_khr_fp64
2014-06-21 Jeroen KetemaFix breakage after r211259
2014-06-18 Jeroen KetemaAdd pown
2014-06-18 Jeroen KetemaAdd missing undefs
2014-06-16 Aaron WatryFix definition of INFINITY and add NAN/HUGE_VAL[F]
2014-06-16 Jeroen KetemaAdd remaining float constants
2014-06-16 Aaron WatryRevert "clctypes.h: Don't rely on stddef.h for size_t...
2014-06-16 Aaron Watrymath: Implement mix builtin
2014-06-16 Aaron Watryrelational: Add isequal(floatN) builtin
2014-06-16 Aaron WatryAdd all(igentype) builtin
2014-06-16 Aaron Watryclctypes.h: Don't rely on stddef.h for size_t and ptrdiff_t
2014-06-13 Jan VeselyAdd intptr types
2014-06-13 Jeroen KetemaAdd files forgotten in the previous commit
2014-06-13 Jeroen KetemaImplementations for exp(float) and exp(double) v2
2014-06-13 Tom Stellardprepare-builtins: Use std:: prefix for error_code
2014-06-12 Jeroen KetemaRemove unused include which breaks build after r210803
2014-06-03 Jeroen KetemaFix build broken by LLVM commit r209103
2014-05-29 Jeroen KetemaAdd more log related float constants
2014-05-29 Jeroen KetemaFix _F definitions
2014-05-29 Jeroen KetemaAdd definition for M_PI
2014-04-30 Tom StellardFix build broken by LLVM commit r207593
2014-04-30 Tom StellardRemove clc/gentype.inc
2014-03-28 Tom StellardIntroduce M_LOG2E_F and M_LOG2E
2014-03-28 Tom StellardReplace tabs by spaces
2014-03-24 Tom StellardAdd definition for M_PI_F v3
2014-03-21 Tom StellardAdd sincos
2014-03-21 Tom StellardAdd cross for double3 and double4
2014-02-24 Tom StellardFix build since r202052
2014-02-14 Tom StellardAdd generic nvptx targets
2014-02-12 Tom StellardRevert "Enforce python2 for systems that use python3...
2014-01-29 Tom StellardUpdated README.TXT with information about using DESTDIR...
2014-01-29 Tom StellardFixed rules names so they are unique when aliases are...
2014-01-29 Tom StellardFixed ninja build issues relating to use of $(DESTDIR)
2014-01-29 Tom StellardEnforce python2 for systems that use python3 as their...
2014-01-20 Tom StellardFix build broken by LLVM commit r199279
2014-01-01 NAKAMURA TakumiUpdate the copyright credits -- Happy new year 2014!
2013-12-29 Aaron WatryPass -fno-builtin flag to clang to silence warnings
2013-12-29 Aaron WatryFix build with LLVM 3.5
2013-12-20 Tom StellardAdd floating-point macro definitions v2
2013-12-20 Tom StellardImplement trunc builtin.
2013-11-28 Tom StellardFix a C&P error in r195021 (65a950abab3cb8435ccb2646ac4...
2013-11-18 Tom StellardR600: Add aliases for Sea Islands GPUs
2013-11-18 Tom StellardImplement round builtin
2013-11-18 Tom StellardImplement builtins for cl_khr_global_int32_base_atomics...
2013-10-31 Tom Stellards/_CLC_DECL/_CLC_DEF/
2013-10-31 Tom StellardR600: Set the noduplicate attribute on barrier() intrinsics
2013-10-23 Tom StellardClean-up dependency files
2013-10-23 Tom StellardMake C++ compiler configurable
2013-10-10 Tom StellardPort pocl's gen_convert.py script to libclc
2013-10-10 Tom StellardImplement sign() builtin
2013-10-10 Tom StellardImplement nextafter() builtin
2013-10-10 Tom StellardImplement isnan() builtin
2013-10-10 Tom StellardAdd missing as_{float,double} functions
2013-09-09 Aaron WatryParenthesize arguments for mad_hi
2013-09-06 Aaron WatryImplement mad_hi built-in
2013-09-06 Aaron WatryAdd atomic_sub and atomic_dec builtin functions
2013-09-05 Tom StellardPlace pkg-config file in $prefix/share/pkgconfig.
2013-09-05 Aaron WatryRemove unneeded semi-colons
2013-09-05 Aaron WatryAdd atomic_inc and atomic_add builtins
2013-08-19 Aaron WatryAdd mul_hi implementation [v2]
2013-08-15 Aaron WatryAdd rhadd builtin
2013-08-15 Aaron WatryAdd hadd builtin
2013-08-12 Aaron WatryAdd intN vloadN() implementations for address spaces...
2013-08-12 Aaron WatryEnable assembly vload3 int/uint constant/global for...
2013-08-12 Aaron WatryAdd vload* for addrspace(2) and use as constant load...
2013-08-10 Tom StellardAdd some missing convert_* functions
2013-08-10 Tom StellardImplement generic rint()
2013-08-10 Tom Stellardconfigure: Fix build when clang is installed to a non...
2013-07-26 Aaron WatryAdd missing integer min/max definitions
2013-07-24 Aaron WatryAdded get_num_groups
2013-07-19 Aaron WatryImplement generic upsample()
2013-07-18 Aaron WatryFix build with LLVM 3.4
2013-07-16 Aaron WatryFix and re-enable R600 vload/vstore assembly
2013-07-16 Aaron Watrylibclc: vload/vstore disable assembly and fix offset...
2013-07-15 Tom StellardAdd integer-gentype.inc: Missing file from r185839
2013-07-08 Tom StellardImplement mad24() and mul24() builtins
2013-07-08 Tom StellardAdd __CLC_ prefix to all macro definitions in headers
2013-07-08 Tom StellardImplement barrier() builtin
2013-07-08 Tom StellardAdd bitselect() builtin
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardlibclc: Add assembly versions of vstore for global...
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardlibclc: Add assembly versions of vload for global int4...
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardlibclc: Initial vstore implementation
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardlibclc: Initial vload implementation
2013-06-26 Tom Stellardr600: Fix implementations of get_group_id.ll and get_lo...