basic_filebuf needs to delay obtaining a codecvt facet from the global locale to...
[lldb.git] / libclc /
2012-08-21 Peter CollingbourneAdd rsqrt builtin. Based on patch by Cassie Epps!
2012-08-21 Peter CollingbourneAdd floor builtin. Patch by Cassie Epps!
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbourneDo not use linkonce_odr linkage in .ll files. This...
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbournePTX: move implementations of work-item and synchronisat...
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbourneImplement sub_sat builtin. Patch by Lei Mou!
2012-08-05 Peter CollingbourneFix declarations of __clc_add_sat_*. Patch by Lei...
2012-06-01 Peter Add an install rule.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneAdd pow builtin.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneEnable cl_khr_fp64 when building the library, and fix...
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneAdd missing dot.h include.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneDefine FLOAT in
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneAdd fma, hypot builtins.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneImplement mad builtin.
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneImplement exp, exp2, log, log2, native_exp, native_exp2...
2012-05-29 Peter CollingbourneFix typo in double precision case.
2012-05-28 Peter CollingbourneAdd fabs builtin.
2012-05-28 Peter CollingbourneAdd some tests which had heretofore evaded 'git add'.
2012-05-28 Peter CollingbourneExplicit conversions.
2012-05-28 Peter CollingbourneSwitch to the NVPTX backend.
2012-02-22 Peter CollingbourneSwitch to BSD/MIT dual license.
2012-02-20 Peter CollingbourneTest web page update.
2012-01-08 Peter CollingbourneUpdate repository paths.
2012-01-08 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit.