Stop treating -static as overriding -fPIC: they are distinct.
[lldb.git] / libcxx / CREDITS.TXT
2015-02-26 Jonathan RoelofsAdd self to CREDITS.txt
2015-02-20 Larisse VoufoAdd self to CREDITS.TXT
2015-01-30 Dan AlbertAdd myself to CREDITS.TXT.
2014-08-21 Eric FiselierAdd self to credits
2013-09-28 Marshall ClowUpdated my role
2013-08-14 Howard HinnantXing Xue: port to IBM XLC++/AIX.
2013-08-12 Howard HinnantNico Rieck: this patch series fixes visibility issues...
2013-08-07 Howard HinnantUpdate CREDITS.TXT
2013-07-02 Howard HinnantUpdated CREDITS.TXT
2013-07-02 Howard HinnantBill Fisher: This patch fixes a bug where the regex...
2013-05-02 Howard HinnantStephan Tolksdorf: fixes the issue in the <atomic>...
2013-04-29 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd entry for myself.
2013-03-29 Howard HinnantBruce Mitchener, Jr.: Port to emscripten. Fixes llvm...
2013-02-08 Howard HinnantAdd Michael van der Westhuizen to CREDITS.TXT
2013-01-01 Howard HinnantUpdating CREDITS.TXT
2012-12-27 Howard HinnantSaleem Abdulrasool: Add entry to CREDITS.TXT.
2012-12-13 Howard HinnantUpdated CREDITS.TXT
2012-10-15 Argyrios KyrtzidisAdd an entry in CREDITS.TXT
2012-10-03 Howard HinnantHolger Arnold: Correct the use and testing of __GNUC__...
2012-09-24 Marshall ClowUpdating email address
2012-09-14 Howard HinnantUpdate CREDITS.TXT
2012-08-26 Howard HinnantUpdate CREDITS.TXT
2012-08-24 Howard HinnantAdd Hyeon-bin Jeong to CREDITS.TXT
2012-07-26 Howard HinnantUpdate CREDITS.TXT
2012-04-19 Richard Smithlibc++: Add some missing #includes to atomics tests...
2012-04-02 Howard HinnantUpdate <limits> with constexpr support. Patch contribu...
2012-02-29 David ChisnallSolaris port. Currently sees around 200 test failures...
2012-02-19 Jeffrey YasskinAdd myself to the CREDITS file.
2011-12-10 Howard HinnantInstallation of CityHash by Craig Silverstein
2011-10-11 Howard HinnantStarting on musl port by Arvid Picciani
2011-09-22 Howard HinnantPartial Windows port by Ruben Van Boxem
2011-09-21 David ChisnallFixes for FreeBSD, including some fairly obvious copy...
2011-07-22 Dave ZarzyckiTest commit
2011-06-09 Howard HinnantUpdate CREDITS.TXT
2011-01-04 Howard HinnantMarshall Clow's fix for Bug 8421.
2010-11-16 Chris Lattneradd a credits file for libc++