Possibly fix MSVC compilation after r256054.
[lldb.git] / libcxx / Makefile
2014-12-16 Justin BognerRevert "Fix installheaders target's permissions"
2014-12-16 Jonathan RoelofsFix installheaders target's permissions
2014-03-13 Bob WilsonExclude .svn (and other "dot" directories) when install...
2014-02-26 Bob WilsonDon't install CMakeLists.txt along with the headers.
2013-11-18 Bill WendlingSet the permissions for 'experimental' and its context...
2013-04-23 Bob WilsonChange makefile comment to refer to libc++ instead...
2013-04-23 Bob WilsonPR15820: Use tar instead of rsync to install the headers.
2013-04-23 Bob WilsonPR12597: Remove "chown -R root:wheel" from the makefile.
2012-09-21 Bob WilsonFix installheaders target to do what it did prior to...
2012-08-13 Howard HinnantRemove obsolete do-installhdrs target (again).
2012-08-13 Howard HinnantRemove obsolete do-installhdrs target.
2012-06-25 Nuno Lopesfix help with bash
2012-01-21 Bob WilsonFix .PHONY target to match new installheaders target.
2012-01-18 Howard HinnantAdded installheaders target.
2012-01-18 Howard HinnantRemove installhdrs target from Makefile
2012-01-18 Howard HinnantCreate target installhdrs as a synonym for do-installhdrs.
2012-01-17 Howard HinnantPut do-installhdrs target back into Makefile.
2012-01-17 Howard HinnantStop installing headers, this is now done by clang
2011-11-27 Bob WilsonRefactor libcxx makefile. No functional changes intended.
2011-11-04 Howard HinnantRemove support folder from Apple install
2011-11-01 Howard HinnantAdd include file install path
2011-08-18 Dave ZarzyckiMerge the Apple branch into trunk
2011-07-04 Howard HinnantMake the default Makefile less destructive: John McCall
2011-05-24 Nick Kledziksupport another Apple build environment
2010-09-10 Nick Kledzik<rdar://problem/8279559> [libstdcxx] use new linker...
2010-08-22 Howard HinnantFixing whitespace problems
2010-06-28 Howard HinnantMinor fixup
2010-05-24 Howard Hinnantpatch by Jeffrey Yasskin for porting to Ubuntu Hardy...
2010-05-14 Nick Kledzikfix strip options and properly copy include/ext
2010-05-11 Howard Hinnantlibcxx initial import