Merge branch 'addmainunit4-altlink-sharedstmt-dieref-dwz3-inlinebug-testcategory...
[lldb.git] / libcxx / appveyor.yml
2019-04-03 Eric Fiselierdisable appveyor config for MSVC 2015
2018-10-30 Eric FiselierUpdate LLVM version used on Appveyor bot, remove MSVC...
2017-05-10 Eric FiselierRename Appveyor install helper script.
2017-05-10 Eric Fiselierattempt to fix appveyor syntax error
2017-05-10 Eric FiselierAdd MinGW64 builder to Appveyor.
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierChange Appveyor to download Clang from instead...
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierAttempt to enable the LIT progress bar on Appveyor
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierSetup Appveyor bot for MSVC 2017 and MSVC 2015
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierAttempt to escape paths correctly
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierAttempt to setup MSVC 2017
2017-05-04 Eric FiselierTest commit for Appveyor - Remove incorrect caching...
2017-05-03 Eric FiselierAttempt to fix appveyor build
2017-04-19 Eric Fiselierchange what branches Appveyor builds
2017-04-19 Eric FiselierAdd appveyor.yml config for a future Windows bot.