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2012-08-22 Marshall ClowFix a typo in the docs
2012-08-02 Howard HinnantAndrew Morrow: Among the various libc++ tests that...
2012-08-02 Howard HinnantAndrew Morrow: The attached patch is an attempt to...
2012-08-02 Howard HinnantAndrew Morrow: This patch fixes
2012-07-31 Howard HinnantAndrew Morrow: Attached is a writeup of the current...
2012-07-30 Howard HinnantUpdated status
2012-07-30 Howard HinnantUpdated the complete by-chapter graph
2012-07-19 Howard HinnantJean-Daniel : clang now supports all required type_traits.
2012-07-19 Howard HinnantJean-Daniel updates the libc++ index page to reflect...
2012-07-06 Howard HinnantNew Windows libc++ test results provided by Ruben Van...
2012-07-06 Howard Hinnantlink to Marshall's notes.
2012-05-20 Howard HinnantAdd documentation regarding -fno-rtti.
2012-04-03 Howard HinnantUpdated documentation contributed by Christopher Jefferson.
2011-11-17 Howard HinnantClarify building instructions for 10.7
2011-10-17 Howard HinnantWindows support by Ruben Van Boxem.
2011-10-09 Howard HinnantUpdate instructions for building on Mac OS 10.6
2011-10-01 Howard HinnantUpdated testit to run on Windows and fresh Windows...
2011-09-30 Howard HinnantProvide link to developer's policy
2011-09-28 Howard HinnantRuben's Windows test results.
2011-09-12 Howard HinnantAddress PR10909:
2011-07-18 Alexis HuntGiven that __underlying_type is now available in clang...
2011-06-22 Howard HinnantAdd instructions for -U__STRICT_ANSI__ for Mac OS 10.6
2011-05-13 Howard HinnantCWG 1170 has been fixed for destructors
2011-05-13 Alexis Hunt__is_trivially_copyable now supplied by clang
2011-05-13 Howard HinnantCorrected misspelling
2011-05-13 Howard HinnantUpdated to reflect updated use of existing clang support
2011-05-09 Howard HinnantUpdated type_traits and the type_traits design doc...
2011-03-26 Howard HinnantJonathan Sauer updated is_base_of traits status
2011-02-22 Howard HinnantJean-Daniel Dupas fixes install directions
2011-01-27 Howard HinnantUpdated getting started directions.
2010-11-19 Howard Hinnanttype_traits intrinsics design
2010-11-19 Howard Hinnanttype_traits intrinsics design
2010-11-16 Chris Lattnerlibc++ is now dual licensed under both UIUC and MIT...
2010-10-20 Howard HinnantUpdated chart with weekly test results, and updated...
2010-10-18 Howard HinnantChanging <atomic> to follow Design A
2010-10-18 Howard HinnantUpdate atomic Design A spec with reference C++ implemen...
2010-10-18 Howard HinnantUpdate atomic Design A spec
2010-10-13 Howard Hinnantupdated for weekly test results
2010-10-08 Howard HinnantUpdated atomic design docs
2010-10-07 Howard HinnantUpdate atomic design A
2010-10-06 Howard HinnantUpdated <atomic> docs with three design options
2010-10-05 Howard HinnantA compiler writer's guide to <atomic>, minor update
2010-10-05 Howard HinnantA compiler writer's guide to <atomic>
2010-09-29 Howard Hinnantupdated per weekly tests
2010-09-15 Howard HinnantUpdated chart for weekly test results.
2010-09-08 Howard HinnantUpdated by-chapter-summary with weekly test results...
2010-09-05 Howard HinnantUpdated current status.
2010-09-01 Howard HinnantUpdated for weekly test results.
2010-08-25 Howard HinnantUpdated for weekly test results
2010-08-22 Howard HinnantFixing whitespace problems
2010-08-18 Howard HinnantUpdated by-chapter chart with weekly test results....
2010-07-28 Howard Hinnantweekly by-chapter summary updated
2010-07-22 Howard HinnantUpdated weekly by chapter summary
2010-07-16 Howard HinnantA good start on extended posix regex. Loops working...
2010-07-09 Howard Hinnantweekly update to by-chapter-summary, plus left and...
2010-07-01 Howard HinnantUpdated chart with weekly test results
2010-06-24 Howard HinnantContinuing to work through regex, and updated libcxx_by...
2010-06-18 Howard Hinnantupdated for weekly tests
2010-06-04 Dan GohmanFix an apparent typo.
2010-06-03 Howard Hinnantupdated by-chapter-complete chart
2010-05-27 Howard Hinnantweekly test results plus a bug fix clang found
2010-05-20 Howard Hinnantweekly test results
2010-05-13 Howard Hinnantweekly test results
2010-05-12 Chris Lattnerwording.
2010-05-12 Chris Lattnerwording
2010-05-12 Chris Lattnertweak from cjefferson
2010-05-12 Chris Lattnerimprove the 'current status' section to say what *is...
2010-05-11 Chris Lattnerfix more links
2010-05-11 Howard HinnantFixed svn link
2010-05-11 Chris Lattnercxx not cpp
2010-05-11 Chris Lattneradd css files, also, test commit.
2010-05-11 Howard Hinnantupdated web page with clang mailing list link
2010-05-11 Howard Hinnantlibcxx initial import