Stop treating -static as overriding -fPIC: they are distinct.
[lldb.git] / libcxxabi /
2015-08-20 Eric FiselierFix or disable C++11 tests in C++03 mode
2015-08-19 Eric Fiselier[libcxxabi] Add "install-libcxxabi" target.
2015-08-19 Renato Golin[AArch64] Quick fix for cxa demangler
2015-08-18 Nico WeberRevert r243752, it broke running tests on OS X (PR24491).
2015-08-05 Tanya LattnerUpdate to new
2015-07-31 Renato Golin[libc++abi] Allow use just compiled clang++ for tests
2015-07-30 Daniel Sanders[libcxxabi][mips] Correct float_data::mangled_size...
2015-07-27 Daniel Sanders[libcxxabi] Add -funwind-tables to the test compilation...
2015-07-12 Logan ChienRemove include directive for the unused libunwind_ext.h.
2015-06-03 Saleem Abdulrasoolfallback_malloc: silence conversion warning (NFC)
2015-06-03 Saleem Abdulrasoolfallback_malloc: silence qual-cast warning (NFC)
2015-06-02 Marshall ClowImplement uncaught_exceptions() to get a count, rather...
2015-05-29 Logan Chienlibcxx: Switch to use __gnu_unwind_frame() for libunwind.
2015-05-26 Chaoren LinMake sure !empty() before calling String::front().
2015-05-09 Anton KorobeynikovLIBCXXABI_LIBUNWIND_INCLUDES is already set before...
2015-05-08 Anton KorobeynikovTypos
2015-05-08 Anton KorobeynikovFix "TODO" and provide the configure-time options to...
2015-05-01 Eric FiselierDisallow conversions from function pointers to void*.
2015-04-29 Eric FiselierFix syntax error in CMake created when a variable is...
2015-04-28 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: work around layering violation
2015-04-28 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: try harder to force the LLVM unwinder on ARM
2015-04-27 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: enable LLVM unwinder by default for ARM
2015-04-27 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: remove unused variable
2015-04-27 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: clear up some -Wqual-cast warnings
2015-04-27 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: silence some warnings
2015-04-25 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: remove build infrastructure for unwind
2015-04-24 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: move tests back
2015-04-24 Saleem Abdulrasoollibc++abi: remove the duplicated unwind content
2015-04-15 Reid KlecknerDeclare __cxa_new_handler as extern "C", or it declares...
2015-04-06 Eric Fiselier[libcxxabi] Disallow Base to Derived conversions for...
2015-04-02 Eric Fiselier[libcxxabi] Fix multi-level pointer conversions and...
2015-04-01 Eric FiselierRevert r228351 - Dont install header files.
2015-03-31 Ed SchoutenAlso use dl_iterate_phdr() on CloudABI.
2015-03-19 Ed SchoutenDon't print debugging messages to stdout.
2015-03-17 Eric FiselierLet libc++'s LIT configuration setup our linker paths...
2015-03-17 Eric Fiselieradd option to tell LIT where to find the libc++ library...
2015-03-12 Renato GolinUpdate copyright year to 2015.
2015-03-10 Eric FiselierRemove unneeded const_cast in readPointerHelper. Pointe...
2015-03-10 Eric Fiselier[libcxx] Fix PR21580 - Undefined behavior in readEncode...
2015-03-09 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: define more interfaces more often
2015-03-09 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: always define unwind APIs
2015-03-07 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: remove unnecessary check
2015-03-07 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: tweak register handling for AArch64
2015-03-05 Nick LewyckyFix build with GCC:
2015-03-03 Eric Fiselier[libcxxabi] Build both static and shared versions of...
2015-02-28 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: make it build on Darwin again
2015-02-27 Dan AlbertAdd .eh_frame_hdr search to Linux unwinder.
2015-02-26 Jonathan RoelofsAdd remote testing support to the lit config
2015-02-26 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: clean up some GCC warnings
2015-02-24 Jonathan RoelofsAdd .fpu directives to ARM unwind save & restore functions.
2015-02-21 Eric FiselierAdd temporary workaround for missing symbol __cxa_throw...
2015-02-16 Sergey DmitroukDo not add -fno-exceptions without -funwind-tables
2015-02-14 Jonathan RoelofsMoar post-commit review.
2015-02-14 Jonathan RoelofsAddress post-commit review comments
2015-02-14 Jonathan RoelofsMake the unwinder build on thumbv6-m with the integrate...
2015-02-13 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: always export unw_local_addr_space
2015-02-13 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: use sizeof() instead of hardcoded sizes
2015-02-13 Ed SchoutenDon't use bzero() and strcpy().
2015-02-12 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: use explicit memcpy for register saving
2015-02-12 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: move exported APIs out of header
2015-02-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: tweak inclusion ordering to work around GCC
2015-02-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up some -Werror=return-type warnings
2015-02-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up more -Wformat warnings
2015-02-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up straggling -Wundef warning
2015-02-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: silence -Wconversion warnings
2015-02-11 Eric FiselierFix libcxxabi's library and object root for tests.
2015-02-10 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: improve compilation on Linux with gcc
2015-02-10 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up some stray semicolons
2015-02-10 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up -Wundef warnings
2015-02-10 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: fix -Wformat warnings from gcc
2015-02-06 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: hoist placement delete into base class
2015-02-06 Saleem AbdulrasoolUnwind: replace pure virtual functions with aborts
2015-02-06 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: use -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -funwind-tables
2015-02-06 Matthias BraunFix build for apple machines.
2015-02-06 Dan AlbertFix build.
2015-02-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolRevert "indicate tag type in C"
2015-02-05 Dan Albert[libcxxabi] Fix -Werror build for 32-bit non-ARM.
2015-02-05 Dan AlbertFormatting fixes.
2015-02-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolFix compilation of unwind on Darwin-x86_64
2015-02-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolSilence some -Wundef warnings
2015-02-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolSilence warning about loss of precision
2015-02-05 Saleem Abdulrasoolindicate tag type in C
2015-02-05 Greg FitzgeraldInstall header files
2015-02-05 Dan AlbertSome more -Wundef issues.
2015-02-05 Dan AlbertEnable -Wundef.
2015-02-04 Dan AlbertWhitespace cleanup.
2015-02-03 Eric FiselierMake test require 'linux' instead of 'linux2'
2015-01-26 Eric FiselierAdopt CMake policy CMP0042. Set MACOSX_RPATH on by...
2015-01-22 Eric Fiselier[libcxxabi] Teach CMake better ways to find the libc...
2015-01-22 Logan ChienEnable backtrace_test for ARM.
2015-01-22 Logan ChienAdd -funwind-tables to CMAKE_C_FLAGS.
2015-01-22 Logan ChienForce unwind frame with user-defined personality.
2015-01-22 Logan ChienFix _Unwind_Backtrace for libc++abi built with libgcc.
2015-01-22 Logan ChienAllow libc++abi to be built without unwinder.
2015-01-22 Logan ChienRemove _Unwind_{Get,Set}{GR,IP} from ARM EHABI build.
2015-01-21 Jonathan RoelofsMerge libc++abi's lit configuration with libc++'s
2015-01-21 Jonathan RoelofsRename all of the tests in preparation for merging...
2015-01-16 Dan AlbertFix abort_message.cpp for the NDK.
2015-01-16 Dan AlbertLIBCXXABI_TARGET_TRIPLE won't always be set.
2015-01-16 Dan Albert[libc++abi] Add support for cross compiling.