Fold compares irrespective of whether allocation can be elided
[lldb.git] / libunwind / src /
2016-04-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove last instance of -Wexpansion-to-defined
2016-04-24 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove unnecessary header
2016-04-24 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: unify _LIBUNWIND_ABORT
2016-04-22 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: unify some more macros
2016-04-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove another instance of -Wexpansion-to-defined
2016-04-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: unify the definition of _LIBUNWIND_SUPPORT_FRAM...
2016-04-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove a second instance of -Wexpansion-to...
2016-04-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove an instance of -Wexpansion-to-defined
2016-04-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: unify _LIBUNWIND_SUPPORT_DWARF_UNWIND
2016-02-11 Renato Golin[AArch64] Fix libunwind build when using GNU assembler
2016-02-06 Kamil RytarowskiIntroduce NetBSD support
2015-11-09 Peter ZotovMake it possible to use libunwind without heap.
2015-10-16 Ed MasteAdd FreeBSD _Unwind_Ptr typedef
2015-09-26 Vasileios Kalintirisunwind: Allow the building of libunwind for MIPS.
2015-09-01 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: cleanup -Wunused-parameter
2015-08-31 Peter Zotov[libunwind] Add support for OpenRISC 1000.
2015-08-27 Peter Zotov[libunwind] Remove unused includes.
2015-08-21 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: fix invalid memory access
2015-08-13 Ed MasteEnable zero-cost exceptions on non-Apple arm64 platforms
2015-08-13 Ed MasteCorrect sense of unwind return address register range...
2015-08-06 Renato Golin[ARM/Unwind] Fix wrong usage of write-back on register...
2015-07-24 Renato Golin[libunwind] Flip order of extern "C" and attribute...
2015-07-24 Logan Chienunwind: Fix libc++abi and libgcc build.
2015-07-19 Logan Chienlibunwind: Introduce __libunwind_config.h.
2015-06-25 Logan ChienFix unw_getcontext() return value on AArch64.
2015-06-25 Logan ChienAvoid C99 for-declaration statement in C files. (NFC)
2015-05-30 Logan ChienCode cleanup: Reindent statements.
2015-05-29 Logan Chienlibunwind: Fix unw_step() for ARM EHABI.
2015-05-11 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: permit building against libstdc++
2015-05-06 Viktor KutuzovFix libunwind to build on FreeBSD
2015-04-29 Ed SchoutenMake the .eh_frame_hdr code work on FreeBSD as well.
2015-04-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: remove inclusion of private_typeinfo.h
2015-04-25 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: clean up warnings from the build
2015-04-25 Saleem Abdulrasoollibunwind: add new build logic
2015-04-24 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: move src/Unwind, include/, and test/ unwind...