Add an svn project to contain the files that appear at the root of the
[lldb.git] / libunwind /
2017-10-14 Ed Mastelibunwind: document tested FreeBSD configs and sort...
2017-10-11 Martin StorsjoSupport DWARF unwinding on i386 windows
2017-10-11 Martin Storsjo[docs] Mention that linux/arm64 is supported with DWARF
2017-10-06 Martin Storsjo[docs] Mention that SjLj works on any OS on the archs...
2017-10-03 Saleem Abdulrasoolbuild: use POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE instead of -fPIC
2017-10-02 Martin StorsjoAdd CMake support for building for MinGW
2017-10-02 Martin StorsjoFix building on macOS after SVN r314492
2017-10-01 Martin StorsjoSjLj: Fix building after SVN r314632
2017-10-01 Saleem AbdulrasoolSjLj: make the SjLj implementation more portable
2017-09-29 Martin StorsjoSkip building x86 parts of UnwindRegisters*.S when...
2017-09-26 Martin StorsjoSkip building unused parts when targeting SJLJ
2017-09-26 Martin StorsjoCorrect data types in the _Unwind_FunctionContext struct
2017-09-21 John Baldwin[libunwind] Partially revert r297174 to fix build on...
2017-09-16 Martin StorsjoFix a typo in the documentation. NFC.
2017-08-31 Alex LorenzRevert r312240
2017-08-31 Alex LorenzBuild LLVM with -Wstrict-prototypes enabled
2017-08-23 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM: explicitly specify the 8-byte alignment
2017-08-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: explicitly align `_Unwind_Control_Block`
2017-08-08 Petr Hosek[CMake] Allow overriding lib dir suffix independently...
2017-07-26 Jonathan RoelofsPartial fix for PR33858
2017-07-24 Momchil Velikov[libunwind] Handle .ARM.exidx tables without sentinel...
2017-07-19 Hans WennborgBump docs version to 6.0
2017-07-18 Petr Hosek[CMake] Set library dir to be LLVM's intermediate outpu...
2017-07-11 Petr Hosek[libunwind][CMake] Add install path variable to allow...
2017-07-06 Jonathan RoelofsAdd a test harness
2017-06-21 Marshall ClowChange -1LL to -1ULL to silence a gcc warning about...
2017-05-16 Manoj Gupta[libunwind] Fix executable stack directive on Linux.
2017-04-16 Petr Hosek[CMake][libunwind] Fix the -target and -gcc-toolchain...
2017-04-12 Petr HosekReland "[CMake][libunwind] Use -nodefaultlibs for CMake...
2017-04-07 Petr HosekRevert "[CMake][libunwind] Use -nodefaultlibs for CMake...
2017-04-07 Petr Hosek[CMake][libunwind] Use -nodefaultlibs for CMake checks
2017-04-06 Ivan KrasinFix unused typedef. Follow up to r299575.
2017-04-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolAddressSpace: fix DWARF based unwinding handling on...
2017-04-05 Saleem AbdulrasoolFix invalid memory access on android x86
2017-04-03 Jonathan RoelofsTry to trigger the new docs builder. NFC
2017-03-31 Ranjeet Singh[libunwind] Clean up macro usage.
2017-03-28 Jonathan Roelofs[libunwind] Add sphinx docs
2017-03-14 Saleem AbdulrasoolDarwinParser: include limits
2017-03-09 Ed SchoutenFix up the places where AddressSpace.hpp is included.
2017-03-08 Saleem AbdulrasoolDARWF: silence some warnings about conversions
2017-03-07 Ed SchoutenTidy up the way we include EHHeaderParser.hpp.
2017-03-07 Ed SchoutenImprove readability and correctness of the OS specific...
2017-03-07 Ed SchoutenLet arm_section_length store the number of bytes.
2017-03-05 Ed SchoutenDrop the dependency on dl_unwind_find_exidx().
2017-02-27 Arnaud A. de Grand... Fix the project name in the license file.
2017-02-27 Arnaud A. de Grand... Add libcxxabi's LICENSE.TXT to libunwind.
2017-02-24 Ranjeet Singh[libunwind] Disable calls to fprintf for baremetal...
2017-02-23 Ed SchoutenRevert r295944.
2017-02-23 Ed SchoutenDrop the dependency on dl_unwind_find_exidx().
2017-02-16 Petr Hosek[libunwind][CMake] Use libc++ headers when available
2017-02-15 Petr HosekRevert "[libunwind][CMake] Use libc++ headers when...
2017-02-15 Petr Hosek[libunwind][CMake] Use libc++ headers when available
2017-02-09 Petr HosekRevert "[libunwind][CMake] Use libc++ headers when...
2017-02-09 Petr Hosek[libunwind][CMake] Use libc++ headers when available
2017-01-27 Saleem AbdulrasoolRevert "DWARF: convert error logs to _LIBUNWIND_LOG"
2017-01-25 Saleem AbdulrasoolDWARF: fix -Asserts builds
2017-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolDWARF: correct cast (NFC)
2017-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolX86: swap EBP, ESP on !APPLE
2017-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolDWARF: allow enabling tracing at runtime
2017-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolDWARF: convert error logs to _LIBUNWIND_LOG
2017-01-21 Saleem Abdulrasoolconfig: clean up some of the macro definition
2017-01-21 Saleem Abdulrasoolrename OtherAddressSpace to RemoteAddressSpace; NFC
2017-01-14 Eric FiselierDon't dump llvm-config --cmakedir output if command...
2017-01-12 Hans WennborgBump version to 5.0.0svn
2017-01-09 Michal Gorny[cmake] Obtain LLVM_CMAKE_PATH from llvm-config if...
2016-11-17 Saleem AbdulrasoolEHABI: mark some functions as exported
2016-11-08 Petr Hosek[CMake] Get libunwind building under LLVM/runtimes
2016-11-02 Marshall ClowAdd support for old versions of MacOS to libunwind...
2016-11-02 Marshall ClowAdd conditions for PPC to libunwind. Fixes PR22200...
2016-10-31 Nick Kledzikfix _dyld_find_unwind_sections() for pre-10.7. Patch...
2016-10-23 Petr Hosek[libunwind] Add support for Fuchsia
2016-10-13 Asiri Rathnayake[libunwind] Add missing <stdint.h> include. NFC.
2016-09-28 Ed Mastelibunwind: Add OpenBSD case for _Unwind_Ptr typedef
2016-09-28 Ed SchoutenAlso use the proper register numbers on CloudABI.
2016-09-28 Asiri Rathnayake[libunwind] Add support for a single-threaded libunwind...
2016-09-05 Dimitry AndricAdd missing _US_ACTION_MASK constant to unwind.h
2016-08-30 Ed Masteconsistently add \n to log and trace messages
2016-08-30 Ed Mastelibunwind: fix X86 register numbers for FreeBSD/i386
2016-08-30 Ed Mastelibunwind: correct 'libuwind' typo
2016-08-28 Saleem AbdulrasoolEHABI: fail on WMMX vops without WMMX support
2016-08-26 Renato Golin[ARM] Adding .arch directives around WMMX unwind code
2016-08-18 Saleem AbdulrasoolEHABI: cover switch once more
2016-08-08 Petr HosekAllow building both shared and static library
2016-08-08 Eugene ZelenkoCMakeLists.txt cleanups: synchronize version and CMake...
2016-08-05 Saleem Abdulrasoolunwind: disable executable stacks
2016-07-29 Ed Mastelibunwind: correct return code in unwinding trace log...
2016-07-25 Oliver Stannard[libunwind][ARM] Add support for Thumb1 targets
2016-07-20 Eric Fiselier[libunwind] Properly align _Unwind_Exception.
2016-07-20 Eric FiselierUpdate .arcconfig
2016-07-20 Ed Mastelibunwind: limit stack usage in unwind cursor
2016-07-19 Ed Mastelibunwind: sync some coments with NetBSD's version
2016-07-19 Ed Mastelibunwind: Use conventional DWARF capitalization in...
2016-07-08 Asiri Rathnayake[PATCH] [libunwind][ehabi] Use early returns where...
2016-07-07 Asiri Rathnayake[libunwind][ARM] Improve unwinder stack usage - Make...
2016-06-14 Asiri Rathnayake[libunwind] Improve unwinder stack usage - III
2016-06-03 Asiri Rathnayake[libunwind] Remove unused code.
2016-06-02 Eric FiselierAttempt to fix libunwind build
2016-06-02 Eric FiselierAdd status/warning message for 32 bit builds
2016-06-02 Eric Fiselier[libunwind] Allow target flags to affect CMake configur...