[libc] Replace the use of gtest with a new light weight unittest framework.
[lldb.git] / lld / include /
2020-01-16 Nico WeberMake lld cmake not compute commit revision twice
2020-01-06 Kazuaki Ishizaki[lld] Fix trivial typos in comments
2019-11-21 James Y KnightLLD: Don't use the stderrOS stream in link before it...
2019-11-18 Rui UeyamaFix Windows buildbots
2019-11-18 Rui UeyamaMake it possible to redirect not only errs() but also...
2019-10-22 LLVM GN Syncbottypo fix test commit
2019-10-22 Nico Weberfix a few typos to test git committing
2019-10-21 Martin Storsjo[LLD] Move duplicated dwarf parsing code to the Common...
2019-10-19 Reid KlecknerMove endian constant from Host.h to SwapByteOrder.h...
2019-09-27 Martin Storsjo[LLD] Simplify the demangleItanium function. NFC.
2019-09-27 Martin Storsjo[LLD] [COFF] Use the unified llvm demangle frontend...
2019-08-14 Jonas Devlieghere[LLD] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std::make_unique
2019-08-07 Rui UeyamaRe-submit r367649: Improve raw_ostream so that you...
2019-08-02 Rui UeyamaRevert r367649: Improve raw_ostream so that you can...
2019-08-02 Rui UeyamaImprove raw_ostream so that you can "write" colors...
2019-08-01 Igor Kudrin[ELF] With --vs-diagnostics, print a separate message...
2019-07-20 Petr Hosek[ELF] Support explicitly overriding relocation model...
2019-07-17 Chris Jackson[lld] Add Visual Studio compatible diagnostics
2019-07-11 Rui Ueyama[Coding style change][lld] Rename variables for non...
2019-06-07 Sam Clegg[lld] Allow args::getInterger to parse args larger...
2019-05-24 Sam Clegg[WebAssebmly] Add support for --wrap
2019-03-11 Rui UeyamaFail early if an output file is not writable
2019-02-27 Alexandre Ganea[LLD][COFF] Support /threads[:no] like the ELF driver
2019-02-22 Rui UeyamaRemove a function from header and move the implementati...
2019-02-01 Sam CleggFix names of functions in TargetOptionsCommandFlags...
2019-01-30 Sam Clegg[LTO] Set CGOptLevel in LTO config.
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2019-01-14 Nico Weberlld/include/lld/Core/TODO.txt
2018-12-08 Heejin Ahn[WebAssembly] Add support for the event section
2018-12-07 Heejin Ahnclang-format LLVM.h (NFC)
2018-11-27 Rui UeyamaRemove SaveAndRestore and SmallVectorImpl from lld...
2018-11-27 Sam Clegg[WebAssembly] Remove `using` statements from header...
2018-11-27 Fangrui Song[Common] Threads: use function_ref instead of std:...
2018-11-01 Fangrui SongSet MAttrs in LTO mode
2018-10-22 Sam CleggUse llvm::arrayRefFromStringRef
2018-09-20 Rui UeyamaAdd paretntheses around a C macro parameter.
2018-08-27 Rui UeyamaRename a function to follow the LLVM coding style.
2018-08-22 Nico Weberwin: Omit ".exe" from lld warning and error messages.
2018-06-12 Brian Gesiak[Darwin] Use errorHandler from liblldCommon
2018-06-07 Rui UeyamaExpand the file comment for the error handlers.
2018-05-22 Sam CleggCode cleanup in preparation for adding LTO for wasm...
2018-05-15 Fangrui SongRemove \brief commands from doxygen comments.
2018-04-28 Fangrui SongMigrate from std::pointer_to_unary_function as it is...
2018-04-25 Rui UeyamaRemove unused features from StringRefZ and move it...
2018-04-25 Rafael EspindolaPack symbols a bit more.
2018-02-28 Rui UeyamaMerge {COFF,ELF}/Strings.cpp to Common/Strings.cpp.
2018-02-26 Jonas DevlieghereRe-land: "[Support] Replace HashString with djbHash."
2018-02-26 Jonas DevlieghereRevert "[Support] Replace HashString with djbHash."
2018-02-26 Jonas Devlieghere[Support] Replace HashString with djbHash.
2018-01-30 Rafael EspindolaPass CPU string to LTO pipeline.
2018-01-17 Zachary Turner[coff] Print detailed timing information with /TIME.
2017-12-08 Sam CleggPrefer `ArrayRef` over `const std::vector&`
2017-12-07 Rui UeyamaRemove checkToString functions and use toString instead.
2017-12-06 Rui UeyamaAlways evaluate the second argument for CHECK() lazily.
2017-12-06 Rafael EspindolaAdd a checkLazy error checking variant.
2017-12-05 Sam CleggtoString function take a const refs where possible
2017-11-28 Rui UeyamaMove Memory.{h,cpp} to Common.
2017-11-28 Rui UeyamaFactor out more code to Common/Args.cpp.
2017-11-28 Rui UeyamaFactor out common code to Common/Strings.cpp.
2017-11-21 David BlaikieMake some headers modular by adding missing includes...
2017-11-17 Sam Clegg[WebAssembly] Initial wasm linker implementation
2017-11-13 Rafael EspindolaTry harder to delete the temporary file.
2017-11-07 Rafael EspindolaDelete dead code.
2017-10-25 Bob Haarman[lld] unified COFF and ELF error handling on new Common...
2017-10-23 Rui Ueyamalld::COFF: better behavior when using as a library
2017-10-19 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Avoid forward declaring StringSet, fix build
2017-10-19 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Move MinGW specific functions/classes to a separ...
2017-10-13 Bob Haarman[lld] Move Threads to Common
2017-10-02 Rui UeyamaMove new lld's code to Common subdirectory.
2017-09-11 Martell MaloneLLD: Introduce a GNU LD style driver for COFF
2017-08-03 Rafael EspindolaUpdate for llvm change.
2017-06-07 Zachary TurnerMove Object format code to lib/BinaryFormat.
2017-05-11 Zachary Turner[Support] Move Parallel algorithms from LLD to LLVM.
2017-05-10 Zachary TurnerRename variables to conform to LLVM naming conventions.
2017-05-10 Hans WennborgFix -DLLVM_ENABLE_THREADS=OFF build of lld after r302613
2017-05-10 Zachary Turner[Core] Make parallel algorithms match C++ Parallelism TS.
2017-05-05 Rui UeyamaRemove dead file.
2017-05-05 Zachary TurnerFix another incorrectly cased header include.
2017-05-05 Zachary TurnerSplit up Parallel and LLVM'ize naming conventions.
2017-04-07 James Henderson[Core] Fix parallel_for for Linux
2017-02-28 Martell Malone[ELF] - Allow the Code Model flag when using LTO
2017-02-02 Bob Haarmanadded missing files for r293965
2017-01-17 Bob HaarmanCOFF: add error() and warn() to Error.{cpp,h}
2017-01-09 Rui UeyamaDefine sys::path::convert_to_slash
2017-01-06 Rafael EspindolaRevert r291221.
2017-01-06 Rui UeyamaRename lld::stringize -> lld::toString.
2017-01-06 Rui UeyamaRemove lld::convertToUnixPathSeparator.
2017-01-06 Rui UeyamaUse TarWriter to create tar archives instead of cpio.
2016-12-18 Rui UeyamaRemove lld/Support/Memory.h.
2016-12-08 Rui UeyamaMove Memory.{h,cpp} to lld/Support so that we can use...
2016-12-07 Rui UeyamaDo not pass line number to convertToUnixPathSeparator.
2016-12-07 Rui UeyamaMake convertToUnixPathSeparator return a new string...
2016-12-07 George Rimar[ELF] - Print absolute file name in errors when possible.
2016-12-05 Rui UeyamaRun the last iteration of parallel_for_loop using a...
2016-11-27 Rui UeyamaAdd paralell_for and use it where appropriate.
2016-11-16 Rui UeyamaReduce number of tasks in parallel_for_each.
2016-11-15 Rafael EspindolaUse one task per iteration in parallel_for_loop.
2016-11-11 Mehdi AminiPrevent at compile time converting from Error::success...
2016-11-05 Rui UeyamaCreate a vector containing all input sections.
2016-11-05 Eugene ZelenkoFix some Clang-tidy modernize-use-default and Include...