Fixed build failure for revision r310261
[lldb.git] / lld /
2017-08-05 Shoaib Meenai[lld] Allow rel iplt symbols with dynamic symbol table
2017-08-05 Rui UeyamaReplace CRLF.
2017-08-04 Rafael EspindolaMove File from SymbolBody to Symbol.
2017-08-04 Zachary TurnerMore PDB buildbot fixes.
2017-08-04 Zachary TurnerFix broken PDB tests.
2017-08-04 Zachary TurnerFix build breakage.
2017-08-04 Nico Weberminor grammar fix
2017-08-04 Zachary Turner[lld] Write the absolute PDB path to the debug directory.
2017-08-04 Zachary Turner[llvm-pdbutil] Dump image section headers.
2017-08-04 Rafael EspindolaSimplify. NFC.
2017-08-04 Rafael EspindolaFix which file is in an error message.
2017-08-04 Rafael EspindolaRemove redundant flag.
2017-08-04 George Rimar[ELF] - Move getSymbols() methods to InputFile.
2017-08-04 George Rimar[ELF] - Remove ScriptLexer::Error field and check Error...
2017-08-04 George Rimar[ELF] - Fix "--symbol-ordering-file doesn't work with...
2017-08-04 James Henderson[ELF] Explicitly write null bytes in string tables
2017-08-04 George Rimar[ELF] - Replace parallelForEach with ranged form.
2017-08-03 Reid Kleckner[PDB] Loosen checks for section contribution sizes
2017-08-03 Reid Kleckner[PDB] Fix section contributions
2017-08-03 George Rimar[ELF] - Do not segfault if linkerscript tries to access...
2017-08-03 Rafael EspindolaUpdate for llvm change.
2017-08-02 Reid Kleckner[PDB] Improve rsds test to check that we fill in the...
2017-08-02 Reid Kleckner[PDB] Improve our PDB OMF debug directory entry
2017-08-02 Rafael EspindolaUse more consistent names
2017-08-02 Petr Hosek[ELF] When the code segment is the last, align it to...
2017-08-02 George Rimar[ELF] - Recommit r309252 "[ELF] - Fix missing relocatio...
2017-08-01 George Rimar[ELF] - Use multithreading for building .gdb_index.
2017-08-01 Rui UeyamaRemove a redundant temporary variable.
2017-08-01 Rui UeyamaBinary search to find a relocation.
2017-07-31 Zachary Turner[lld/pdb] Add an empty globals stream.
2017-07-31 Rafael EspindolaNever export weak undefined from executable.
2017-07-28 Rafael EspindolaFix the order of section that are not on an order file.
2017-07-28 George Rimar[ELF] - Cleanup MapFile.cpp. NFC.
2017-07-28 George Rimar[ELF] - Do not crash when ALIGN/DATA_SEGMENT_ALIGN...
2017-07-27 Rafael EspindolaAdd a test.
2017-07-27 Rafael EspindolaAvoid warnings when asserts are disabled.
2017-07-27 Rafael EspindolaMerge OutputSectionCommand and OutputSection.
2017-07-27 Reid Kleckner[PDB] Write public symbol records and the publics hash...
2017-07-27 George RimarRevert r309252 "[ELF] - Fix missing relocation when...
2017-07-27 George Rimar[ELD] - Sorted in ASCIIbetical order. NFC.
2017-07-27 George Rimar[ELF] - Store PhdrEntry values by pointers instead...
2017-07-27 George Rimar[ELF] - Fix missing relocation when linking executable...
2017-07-27 Rui UeyamaAdd {Obj,Import,Bitcode}File::Instances to COFF input...
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaAdd --gc-sections to a test.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaMake __start_sec __end_sec handling more precise.
2017-07-26 Nico Weberlld: /manifestuac:no shouldn't disable /manifestdependency:
2017-07-26 Rui UeyamaRename ObjectFile ObjFile for COFF as well.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaFix the name of the section end symbol.
2017-07-26 Rui UeyamaRename ObjectFile -> ObjFile.
2017-07-26 Meador Inge[ELF, LinkerScript] Memory region name parsing fix
2017-07-26 Rui UeyamaAttempt to fix buildbots.
2017-07-26 Rui UeyamaRemove unnecessary namespace specifier.
2017-07-26 Martin Storsjo[COFF, ARM64] Handle ADRP immediate offsets in relocations
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaTry to fix the windows build.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaTry to fix the windows build.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaTry to fix the windows build.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaSimplify. NFC.
2017-07-26 Rafael EspindolaDetemplate SymbolTable.
2017-07-26 George Rimar[ELF] - Ignore --warn-once option.
2017-07-26 George Rimar[ELF] - Change way how we handle --noinhibit-exec
2017-07-26 George Rimar[ELF] - Print options aliases in --help
2017-07-25 Rui UeyamaSimplify ignored options.
2017-07-25 Rafael EspindolaSimplify. NFC.
2017-07-25 Rafael EspindolaReduce templating. NFC.
2017-07-25 Rafael EspindolaLTO: Handle sections with valid C names.
2017-07-25 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Add support for delay loading DLLs on ARM
2017-07-25 Nico WeberAttempt to fix lld tests on Windows after 308998.
2017-07-25 Nico Weberlld: only write .manifest files if /manifest is passed...
2017-07-25 George Rimar[ELF] - Fix init_fini_priority.s test.
2017-07-25 George Rimar[ELF] - Fix calculation of memory region offset.
2017-07-25 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Correctly set the thumb bit in DLL export addresses
2017-07-25 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Add a test for producing DLLs and import librari...
2017-07-24 Rafael EspindolaMake a function static. NFC.
2017-07-24 Tom StellardFix ObjCPass on big-endian host
2017-07-24 Dmitry MikulinIf user requested section alignment is greater than...
2017-07-24 Davide Italiano[ELF] Fix a typo introduced in r308915.
2017-07-24 Davide Italiano[LTO] Make sure symbol ordering is honoured also for...
2017-07-24 Davide Italiano[ELF] Fix a couple of typos in a test.
2017-07-24 Davide Italiano[LTO] Make sure symbol ordering is honoured.
2017-07-22 Rafael EspindolaHandle a section being more aligned than a page size.
2017-07-22 Rafael EspindolaDon't crash on an empty section with an ALIGN.
2017-07-21 Rui UeyamaFix a test breakage caused by r308752.
2017-07-21 George Rimar[ELF] - Introduce multiclass Eq helper for
2017-07-21 Igor Kudrin[ELF] Avoid data race in ObjectFile<ELFT>::getDILineInfo().
2017-07-21 Petr Hosek[ELF] Remove processNonSectionCommands
2017-07-20 Petr Hosek[ELF] Align the value if needed when computing the...
2017-07-20 Kevin Enderbylld matching change for llvm change r308690 to add...
2017-07-20 Rui UeyamaAdd a missing tool dependency.
2017-07-20 Rafael EspindolaFix symbol type with icf.
2017-07-20 Rui UeyamaDo not strip SHF_GROUP in elf::decompressAndMergeSectio...
2017-07-20 Rui UeyamaAdd the --chroot option for --reproduce.
2017-07-20 Rafael EspindolaAdd test from pr33173.
2017-07-20 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Support 128 bit SIMD/FP ldr/str in IMAGE_REL_ARM...
2017-07-20 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Minor tweaks to ARM64 relocation code. NFC.
2017-07-20 Martin Storsjo[COFF] Align import address chunks to the pointer size
2017-07-19 Rafael EspindolaSpeed up gdb index creation.
2017-07-19 Rui UeyamaCall StringRef::contains only once for each StringRef.
2017-07-19 Rui UeyamaUse StringRef::contains().
2017-07-19 Rui UeyamaFix one more occurrence of getOption().getID().
2017-07-19 Rui UeyamaHandle option aliases in a better way.