Add C API bindings for DIBuilder 'Type' APIs
[lldb.git] / lldb / cmake /
2018-03-14 Pavel Labath[cmake] Fix standalone+LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB builds...
2018-03-08 Pavel LabathInstall lldb's SB headers (pr36630)
2018-03-05 Adrian PrantlLLDBStandalone.cmake: set path to llvm-lit inside of...
2017-12-13 Petr Hosek[lldb] Set component when invoking add_llvm_install_targets
2017-12-12 Shoaib Meenai[lldb] Switch to add_llvm_install_targets
2017-12-07 Vedant KumarDisable warnings related to anonymous types in the...
2017-12-05 Shoaib Meenai[CMake] Use PRIVATE in target_link_libraries for execut...
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathFix LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB build (pr35053)
2017-09-16 Eugene ZemtsovCheck availability of accept4 in C++ instad of C code.
2017-09-16 Eugene ZemtsovMore precise c library feature detection for Android.
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add checks for libcompression
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adapt to clang r309390
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Update Framework construction for iOS
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] NFC. Cleanup unnecessary CMake policy
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Cleanup unnecessary definition
2017-07-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] A few fixups to support building LLDB for iOS
2017-07-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] [NFC] Remove out of date and redundant version...
2017-06-02 Pavel Labathcmake: Put PROCESS_VM_READV detection results into...
2017-06-01 Pavel Labathcmake: Enable process_vm_readv detection on android
2017-04-27 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Abstract Config.h generation for Xcode
2017-04-26 Chris BienemanRe-landing IPv6 support for LLDB Host
2017-04-25 Pavel LabathRemove the home-grown android toolchain file and all...
2017-04-24 Nitesh Jain[LLDB][MIPS] Move it into HandleLLVMOptions.cmake.
2017-04-20 Kamil RytarowskiResurrect LLDB Standalone build on NetBSD
2017-04-19 Pavel LabathRevert yesterdays IPv6 patches
2017-04-19 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add configure check for sys/event.h
2017-04-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adding configure-time check for sigaction
2017-04-18 Chris BienemanUpdate LLDB Host to support IPv6 over TCP
2017-04-14 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Support generating Config.h
2017-03-17 Zachary TurnerCMake requires normalized paths when appending.
2017-02-08 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Final dependency cleanup patch!
2017-02-04 Kamil RytarowskiInstall conditionally
2017-01-31 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add explicit dependencies to plugins
2017-01-31 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add LINK_LIBS and LINK_COMPONENTS options
2017-01-27 Pavel LabathAddress post-commit review remarks
2017-01-27 Pavel LabathFix android-i386 build broken by previous commit
2017-01-27 Pavel LabathRefactor the android accept hack
2017-01-17 Pavel Labath[cmake] Make lldb build with the android ndk toolchain...
2017-01-09 Michal Gorny[cmake] Obtain LLVM_CMAKE_PATH from llvm-config
2017-01-04 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Fix install rules for tools included in the...
2016-12-21 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Support distribution install for LLDB.framework
2016-12-20 Chris Bieneman[CMake] [PR31433] Fix LLDB tool installation
2016-12-17 Sylvestre LedruSupport of lldb on Kfreebsd
2016-12-15 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Refactor LLDB libraries and tools to be components
2016-12-15 Hafiz Abid QadeerFix build for mingw.
2016-12-05 Pavel LabathRemove one more if(__ANDROID_NDK__) I missed
2016-12-05 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Use add_llvm_tool_symlink's OUTPUT_DIR option
2016-12-02 Pavel LabathReplace __ANDROID_NDK__ with __ANDROID__
2016-12-01 Pavel LabathRemove another hack from the android toolchain file
2016-12-01 Pavel LabathRemove a hack from the Android toolchain file
2016-11-23 Adrian McCarthyRefactor LLDB's Windows process plugin (NFC)
2016-11-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] NFC. Updating CMake dependency specifications
2016-11-16 Adrian McCarthyRemove Windows-specific minidump plugin
2016-11-10 Chris BienemanFixing the Xcode build that I broke in r286479
2016-11-10 Chris BienemanUnify Darwin and Non-Darwin printing of version output
2016-10-18 Pavel Labath[cmake] Make dependencies of lldb libraries private...
2016-09-22 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Fixing a small hack in add_lldb_library
2016-09-21 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Initial support for LLDB.framework
2016-09-07 Rafael EspindolaUse llvm's demangler.
2016-09-01 Dimitar VlahovskiMinidump parsing
2016-08-26 Pavel LabathAdd cmake option to choose whether to use the builtin...
2016-08-19 Vedant KumarRevert "[lldb][cmake] Remove libclang as an lldbBase...
2016-08-19 Vedant Kumar[lldb][cmake] Remove libclang as an lldbBase dependency...
2016-08-19 Todd FialaAdd StructuredData plugin type; showcase with new Darwi...
2016-08-19 Todd FialaRevert "Add StructuredData plugin type; showcase with...
2016-08-19 Todd FialaAdd StructuredData plugin type; showcase with new Darwi...
2016-08-17 Pavel LabathRemove cmake legacy code
2016-08-03 Ismail DonmezFix the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON build, was getting the...
2016-08-02 Tamas BerghammerSupport for OCaml native debugging
2016-07-26 Omair JavaidFix LLDBConfig.cmake to enable python enabled build...
2016-07-15 Eugene ZelenkoFixes for standalone build:
2016-06-29 Sagar Thakur[LLDB][MIPS] Check if libatomic needs to be specified...
2016-05-26 Pavel Labath[cmake] Remove the LLDB versions of the exception-contr...
2016-05-26 Pavel Labath[cmake] Add a big warning about a libstdc++ issue
2016-05-20 Tamas BerghammerWork around android-arm NDK bug exposed by rL269992
2016-05-18 Eugene ZelenkoFix standalone LLDB build, when LLVM/Clang were built...
2016-05-12 Kamil RytarowskiAdd CMake bits necessary for standalone build
2016-05-06 Eugene ZelenkoFix standalone build on RHEL6.
2016-05-01 Kamil RytarowskiFix NetBSD build with CMake 3.5.2
2016-04-14 Ulrich WeigandSupport Linux on SystemZ as platform
2016-03-23 Kuba BreckaFollow-up for r264162 to fix the CMake build (update...
2016-03-22 Zachary TurnerUnicode support on Win32.
2016-03-02 Zachary TurnerAdd support for reading line tables from PDB files.
2016-02-26 Tamas BerghammerAdd a set of new plugins to handle Java debugging
2016-02-04 Niels Ole SalscheiderFix the search path for CMake files
2016-01-27 Pavel LabathFix linking with LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB=ON
2015-12-17 Aidan DoddsPatch cmake to allow detection of python 2.7.9+
2015-12-10 Tamas BerghammerSwitch to gold linker on android x86, x86_64, arm
2015-11-20 Tamas BerghammerUse thumb instruction set for ldb-server on android arm
2015-11-15 Bruce MitchenerUse library discovery for curses and panel
2015-11-10 Ramkumar RamachandraLLDBStandalone: Report nice errors on missing vars
2015-11-07 Bruce MitchenerAdd more NetBSD platform glue for lldb
2015-11-05 Ryan BrownAdd go data formatters.
2015-11-02 Ryan BrownCreate an expression parser for Go.
2015-10-29 Chaoren LinCorrectly include LLVM_EXTERNAL_CLANG_SOURCE_DIR.
2015-10-28 Adrian McCarthyRefactor Windows process plugin to allow code sharing...
2015-10-28 Stephane SezerAvoid using `..` in paths for include dirs.
2015-10-27 Chaoren LinUse accept4 workaround for MIPS Android build.
2015-10-23 Tamas BerghammerDisable the strict-aliasing warnings produced by gcc
2015-10-19 Zachary TurnerDisable libxml2 on Windows for now.