[lldb] Remove LLDB session dir and just store test traces in the respective test...
[lldb.git] / lldb / cmake /
2020-10-21 Christopher TetreaultFix "Unknown arguments specified" to if in lldb
2020-10-21 Sylvestre LedruRemove .svn from exclude list as we moved to git
2020-10-21 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Don't strip LLDB.framework on install
2020-10-08 Pavel Labath[lldb] Add a cmake warning about the python/swig incomp...
2020-10-07 Pavel Labath[lldb] Check for and use ptsname_r if available
2020-10-06 Raphael Isemann[lldb] Symlink the Clang resource directory to the...
2020-08-21 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Remove redundant call to FindBacktrace (NFC)
2020-08-21 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Simplify CMake logic with LLVM's append_if function
2020-08-17 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Get rid of helper CMake variables for Python
2020-08-14 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Remove Python 2 fallback and only support Python 3
2020-08-12 Vedant KumarBuild a flat LLDB.framework for embedded Darwin targets
2020-08-12 Petr Hosek[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib
2020-08-09 Petr HosekRevert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib"
2020-08-08 Petr Hosek[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib
2020-08-07 Christian KühnelRevert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib"
2020-08-05 Petr Hosek[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib
2020-08-05 Hans WennborgRevert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib"
2020-07-28 Petr Hosek[CMake] Move find_package(ZLIB) to LLVMConfig
2020-07-27 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Remove CMAKE_VERSION checks now that the minimum...
2020-07-24 Petr Hosek[CMake] Find zlib when building lldb as standalone
2020-06-23 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Lua] Require Lua 5.3
2020-06-09 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Add LLDB_PYTHON_VERSION to use Python...
2020-05-20 Haibo Huang[lldb] Cleans up system_libs
2020-05-20 Haibo Huang[lldb] Allows customizing libxml2 for darwin
2020-04-30 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Don't make PYTHON_RPATH a required variable.
2020-04-30 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] fix RPATH when linking against Python3.framework
2020-04-29 Saleem Abdulrasoollldb: use the newer `find_package` if available
2020-04-14 Isuru FernandoFix setting Python3_ROOT_DIR on Windows
2020-03-07 Raphael Isemann[lldb][cmake] Move remove_module_flags macro to AddLLDB...
2020-02-27 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Use PYTHON_HOME as a hint to find Python 3.
2020-02-22 Haibo HuangAllow customized relative PYTHONHOME (Attemp 1)
2020-02-21 Stella StamenovaRevert "Allow customized relative PYTHONHOME"
2020-02-21 Haibo HuangAllow customized relative PYTHONHOME
2020-02-21 Matt Davis[lldb/cmake] Enable more verbose find_package output.
2020-02-11 Pavel Labath[lldb] Delete the SharingPtr class
2020-02-07 Konrad Kleine[lldb] removed no longer needed CMakeDependentOption
2020-01-08 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Only auto-enable Lua when SWIG is found
2020-01-08 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Use LLDB's autodetection logic for libxml2
2020-01-08 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Only auto-enable Python when SWIG is found
2020-01-06 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Only set PYTHON_HOME on Windows
2020-01-06 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Autodetect Python dependency
2020-01-02 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Print whether an optional dependency was...
2020-01-02 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Fix variable naming in FindLibEdit
2020-01-02 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Use PYTHON_LIBRARIES instead of PYTHON_LIBRARY
2019-12-23 Alex Langford[lldb/CMake] Always set a value for find_package when...
2019-12-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolbuild: use `find_package(Python3)` rather than `PYTHON_...
2019-12-22 Saleem Abdulrasoolbuild: improve python checks for Windows
2019-12-21 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Don't use return() from macro()
2019-12-21 Jonas DevlieghereRe-land "[lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional...
2019-12-20 Jonas DevlieghereRevert "[lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional...
2019-12-20 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Change how we deal with optional dependencies
2019-12-20 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Lua] Implement a Simple Lua Script Interpreter...
2019-12-20 Pavel Labath[lldb/cmake] Delete LLDB_LINKER_SUPPORTS_GROUPS
2019-12-20 Pavel Labath[lldb/cmake] Remove support for LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES
2019-12-19 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Lua] Add Boilerplate for a Lua Script Interpreter
2019-12-13 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Initialize LLDB_ENABLE_POSIX based on...
2019-12-13 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON to LLDB_ENABLE_...
2019-12-13 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_POSIX
2019-12-13 Pavel Labath[lldb/cmake] Temporarily revive LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES
2019-12-12 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_TERMIOS
2019-12-12 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_LIBEDIT to LLDB_ENABLE...
2019-12-12 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES to LLDB_ENABLE_...
2019-12-11 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/CMake] Simplify linking against curses
2019-12-11 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Host] Use Host/Config.h for LibXML2 instead of...
2019-12-10 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Host] Use Host/Config.h entries instead of a...
2019-11-19 Jonas DevlieghereRevert "[CMake] Re-enable -Wno-gnu-anonymous-struct...
2019-11-19 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Re-enable -Wno-gnu-anonymous-struct & -Wno...
2019-11-12 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB] Remove debug message in AddLLDB.cmake
2019-11-12 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB] Fix/silence CMake developer warning for LLDB...
2019-11-12 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB] Always remove debugserver from LLVM_DISTRIBUTION...
2019-11-12 António AfonsoAdd rpath to liblldb so vendors can ship their own...
2019-11-06 Haibo Huang[lldb] Record framework build path and use it everywhere
2019-11-05 Vedant Kumar[cmake] Add an option to skip stripping before install
2019-10-24 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Move test dependency tracking into test/CMakeLi...
2019-10-17 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Make it possible to set the RPATH in add_lldb_e...
2019-10-09 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Fix add_lldb_test_dependency
2019-10-08 Alex Langford[CMake] Fix building without python on Windows
2019-10-08 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Track test dependencies with add_lldb_test_depe...
2019-10-07 Davide Italiano[CMake] We only want to copy the headers for macOS.
2019-10-07 Konrad Kleine[lldb][ELF] Read symbols from .gnu_debugdata sect.
2019-10-04 Michal Gorny[lldb] [cmake] Support linking against clang-cpp dylib
2019-09-18 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Build LLDB.framework with -Wdocumentation...
2019-09-18 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Infer `Clang_DIR` if not passed explicitly
2019-09-18 Haibo HuangCache PYTHON_EXECUTABLE for windows
2019-09-05 Adrian McCarthyFix windows-x86-debug compilation with python enabled...
2019-08-20 Pavel Labath[cmake] Remove the test for libstdc++<4.9
2019-08-18 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Update CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.12.
2019-08-13 Aaron SmithEnable lldb-server on Windows
2019-08-08 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Disable modules in Xcode projects
2019-08-08 Pavel LabathRemove xcode-specific Config.h
2019-08-07 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Fix one more detail in r368066
2019-08-07 Stefan Granitz[lldb][NFC] Fix typo in 368066
2019-08-07 Haibo HuangDetect HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in lldb
2019-08-06 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Generating Xcode projects
2019-08-01 Stefan Granitz[lldb][CMake] Avoid 'Autogenerate scheme' dialogs in...
2019-07-29 Haibo Huang[CMake] Move project() call to main CMake file
2019-07-26 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Print the correct variables
2019-07-26 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Fix find_python_libs_windows
2019-07-26 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Print Python version on Windows
2019-07-26 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Loosen Python version check and ignore patch...