[RISCV] Add addu.w and slliu.w test that uses getelementptr with zero extended indices.
[lldb.git] / lldb / source / Host / posix /
2021-01-10 Pavel Labath[lldb] Fix some bugs in the Pipe class and add tests
2020-06-25 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Use std::make_unique<> (NFC)
2020-06-09 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Reproducers] Also collect ::open and ::fopen
2020-04-23 Pavel Labath[lldb/Host] Modernize some socket functions
2020-01-28 Benjamin KramerMake llvm::StringRef to std::string conversions explicit.
2020-01-24 Fangrui Song[lldb] Fix file header of Host/posix/FileSystemPosix.cpp
2020-01-24 Raphael Isemann[lldb][NFC] Fix all formatting errors in .cpp file...
2020-01-22 Pavel Labath[lldb] Fix an asan error from 27df2d9f556c
2020-01-07 Raphael Isemann[lldb][NFC] Use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast...
2019-12-13 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_POSIX
2019-11-15 Adrian PrantlRename posix/FileSystem.cpp to FileSystemPosix.cpp
2019-10-04 Walter Erquinigo[process info] Remove assert in DoGetGroupName
2019-10-03 Jonas Devlieghere[Host] Return the user's shell from GetDefaultShell
2019-10-03 Lawrence D'Annafactor out an abstract base class for File
2019-09-23 Jonas DevlieghereFile::SetDescriptor() should require options
2019-09-23 Martin Storsjo[LLDB] Check for _WIN32 instead of _MSC_VER for code...
2019-09-11 David Zarzycki[LLDB] Do not try to canonicalize gethostname() result
2019-09-06 Serge GueltonRemove call to obsolete gethostbyname, using getaddrinfo
2019-08-27 Jonas Devlieghere[ConnectionFileDescriptor] Add shutdown check in :...
2019-07-24 Jonas Devlieghere[Logging] Replace Log::Printf with LLDB_LOG macro ...
2019-07-08 Fangrui SongChange LaunchThread interface to return an Expected...
2019-05-31 Richard TrieuFix problem with r362192
2019-05-31 Richard TrieuFix off-by-one error.
2019-05-30 Antonio AfonsoMake ConnectionFileDescription work with all sockets
2019-05-28 Antonio AfonsoFix IPv6 support on lldb-server platform
2019-05-23 Konrad Kleine[lldb] NFC modernize codebase with modernize-use-nullptr
2019-05-18 Alex LangfordRevert "Fix IPv6 support on lldb-server platform"
2019-05-17 Alex LangfordFix IPv6 support on lldb-server platform
2019-05-13 Fangrui SongFix file names in file headers. NFC
2019-03-21 Michal Gorny[lldb] Add missing EINTR handling
2019-03-07 Alex Langford[ExpressionParser] Implement ComputeClangResourceDir...
2019-03-05 Pavel LabathOne more UserIDResolver fix
2019-03-05 Davide Italiano[Host] Fix the build (and the modules build).
2019-03-04 Zachary TurnerMove ProcessInfo from Host to Utility.
2019-03-04 Pavel LabathRefactor user/group name resolving code
2019-02-11 Jonas DevlieghereUse std::make_shared in LLDB (NFC)
2019-02-04 Pavel LabathMove FileAction, ProcessInfo and ProcessLaunchInfo...
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2019-01-10 Aaron Smith[lldb-server] Add unnamed pipe support to PipeWindows
2018-12-10 Stella StamenovaDo not use PATH_MAX with SmallString
2018-11-11 Jonas DevlieghereRemove header grouping comments.
2018-11-02 Jonas Devlieghere[FileSystme] Move ::open abstraction into FileSystem.
2018-11-01 Jonas Devlieghere[FileSystem] Move path resolution logic out of FileSpec
2018-10-31 Jonas Devlieghere[FileSystem] Extend file system and have it use the...
2018-10-04 Bruce MitchenerFix typos.
2018-06-20 Pavel LabathRemove dependency from Host to python
2018-06-19 Pavel LabathReplace HostInfo::GetLLDBPath with specific functions
2018-06-13 Jonas Devlieghere[FileSpec] Make style argument mandatory for SetFile...
2018-06-04 Zachary TurnerRemove dependency from Host to clang.
2018-05-29 Bruce MitchenerRemove Linux-specific includes for posix/FileSystem.cpp
2018-05-23 Pavel LabathProcessLauncherPosixFork: move setgid call into the...
2018-05-09 Pavel LabathModernize and clean-up the Predicate class
2018-04-30 Adrian PrantlReflow paragraphs in comments.
2018-03-06 Pavel LabathHostThreadPosix::Cancel: remove android-specific implem...
2018-01-10 Pavel LabathAdd Utility/Environment class for handling... environments
2017-11-15 Davide Italiano[POSIX] Replace assert with llvm_unreachable(). NFCI.
2017-10-23 Pavel LabathLogging: Disable logging after fork()
2017-09-16 Eugene ZemtsovMore precise c library feature detection for Android.
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathFix NetBSD/FreeBSD build after r308304
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathClean up lldb-types.h
2017-07-03 Pavel LabathUse llvm::sys::RetryAfterSignal instead of a manual...
2017-06-29 Pavel LabathMove Timer and TraceOptions from Core to Utility
2017-06-27 Pavel LabathMove Connection and IOObject interfaces to Utility...
2017-06-20 Pavel LabathProcessLauncherPosixFork: Fetch errno early
2017-06-19 Pavel LabathDelete ProcessLauncherPosix
2017-06-06 Pavel Labathreplace uses of strerror with llvm::sys::StrError
2017-05-12 Zachary TurnerRename Error -> Status.
2017-04-26 Chris BienemanRe-landing IPv6 support for LLDB Host
2017-04-19 Pavel LabathRevert yesterdays IPv6 patches
2017-04-18 Chris BienemanUpdate LLDB Host to support IPv6 over TCP
2017-04-06 Jason MolendaChange how UDP sockets are set up -- use the same one...
2017-03-22 Zachary TurnerDelete some more dead includes.
2017-03-22 Zachary TurnerMove FileSpec from Host -> Utility.
2017-03-21 Zachary TurnerResubmit r298334 after fixing OSX build errors.
2017-03-21 Jason MolendaRevert r298334 until Zachary has a chance to fix the...
2017-03-21 Zachary TurnerDelete various lldb FileSystem functions.
2017-03-19 Zachary TurnerRemove FileSystem::Get/SetFilePermissions
2017-03-19 Zachary TurnerRemove FileSystem::MakeDirectory.
2017-03-15 Pavel LabathRemove lldb streams from the Log class completely
2017-03-09 Zachary TurnerRemove LLDB's recursive directory deletion function.
2017-03-08 Zachary TurnerResubmit FileSystem changes.
2017-03-07 Pavel LabathRevert "Use LLVM for all stat-related functionality."
2017-03-07 Zachary TurnerUse LLVM for all stat-related functionality.
2017-03-03 Zachary TurnerMove Log from Core -> Utility.
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathAdd a format_provider for the Timeout class
2017-02-02 Zachary TurnerMove classes from Core -> Utility.
2017-02-01 Pavel LabathFix android build of the new process launcher
2017-02-01 Kamil RytarowskiTransform ProcessLauncherLinux to ProcessLauncherPosixFork
2016-12-02 Pavel LabathReplace __ANDROID_NDK__ with __ANDROID__
2016-11-25 Pavel LabathIntroduce Chrono to the Connection class. NFCI.
2016-11-17 Zachary TurnerConvert Platform, Process, and Connection functions...
2016-11-16 Zachary TurnerDon't allow direct access to StreamString's internal...
2016-11-11 Mehdi AminiPrevent at compile time converting from Error::success...
2016-11-11 Mehdi AminiMake the Error class constructor protected
2016-11-02 Malcolm ParsonsFix Clang-tidy readability-redundant-string-cstr warnings
2016-11-02 Chris BienemanFind clang resource directory via *nix-style lookup
2016-11-01 Eugene ZelenkoFix RHEL 6 build with missing cerrno and some other...
2016-09-06 Kate Stone*** This commit represents a complete reformatting...
2016-08-10 Greg ClaytonCentralize all select() calls into one place so that...
2016-07-28 Saleem AbdulrasoolClean up vestigial remnants of locking primitives