[lldb] Remove LLDB session dir and just store test traces in the respective test...
[lldb.git] / lldb / tools / driver /
2020-11-10 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Don't use ::exit but instead return from the...
2020-11-10 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Destory the debugger in the Driver dtor (NFC)
2020-10-23 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Move copying of files into reproducer out of...
2020-09-03 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Add reproducer verifier
2020-09-01 Med Ismail Bennani[lldb/interpreter] Improve REPL init file compatibility
2020-09-01 Raphael IsemannRevert "[lldb] Add reproducer verifier"
2020-08-31 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Add reproducer verifier
2020-08-19 Med Ismail Bennani[lldb/interpreter] Add REPL-specific init file
2020-07-31 Luboš Luňák[lldb] report an error if a CLI option lacks an argument
2020-07-09 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB/Reproducers] Add flag to avoid installing the...
2020-07-09 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Reproducers] Rename developer-oriented reproducer...
2020-05-20 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Driver] Print snippet before exiting with unknown...
2020-05-20 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Driver] Error out when encountering unknown arguments
2020-05-19 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Driver] Fix handling on positional arguments
2020-05-05 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Driver] Exit with a non-zero exit code in case...
2020-05-01 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/API] Add SBCommandInterpreterRunResult
2020-04-30 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/API] Move SBCommandInterpreterRunOption in its...
2020-04-24 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Driver] Remove level of indentation (NFC)
2020-02-18 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb] Update header guards to be consistent and compli...
2020-01-16 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Reproducers] Add a flag to always generating...
2019-12-03 Jonas Devlieghere[lldb/Reproducer] Add version check
2019-11-26 Pavel Labath[lldb] fix a -Wcast-qual warning
2019-11-21 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Fix newline at the end of help output
2019-11-21 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducer] Instruct users to replay reproducer
2019-11-21 Jonas Devlieghere[Docs] Generate the LLDB man page with Sphinx
2019-11-20 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Fix missing space in lldb --help output.
2019-11-20 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducer] Generate LLDB reproducer on crash
2019-11-19 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB] Fix formatting in the driver (NFC)
2019-11-18 Vedant Kumar[Signal] Allow llvm clients to opt into one-shot SIGPIP...
2019-11-15 Jonas Devlieghere[CMake] Configure the Info.plist so it contains a real...
2019-11-14 Jonas Devlieghere[LLDB] Don't install the pretty stack trace handler...
2019-11-06 Haibo Huang[lldb] Record framework build path and use it everywhere
2019-10-25 Vedant Kumar[Driver] Force llvm to install its handlers before...
2019-10-24 Vedant KumarRevert "Disable exit-on-SIGPIPE in lldb"
2019-10-18 Vedant KumarDisable exit-on-SIGPIPE in lldb
2019-10-11 Martin Storsjo[LLDB] [Driver] Use llvm::InitLLVM to do unicode argume...
2019-10-09 Lawrence D'AnnaSBFile support in SBCommandReturnObject
2019-09-03 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Remove duplicate option parsing (NFC)
2019-08-07 Haibo HuangDetect HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in lldb
2019-08-06 Haibo HuangVarious build fixes for lldb on MinGW
2019-07-12 Nathan Lanza[windows] re-call signal in sigint_handler for Windows
2019-05-29 Stefan Granitz[CMake] LLDB.framework tools handling
2019-05-28 Stefan Granitz[CMake] Folder structure for generated Xcode project...
2019-05-22 Jorge Gorbe Moya[lldb] Fix use-of-uninitialized-value in Driver
2019-05-17 Stefan Granitz[CMake] Inline info plist in lldb driver
2019-05-14 Fangrui Songtypedef enum -> enum
2019-05-07 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Add command line option to allow loading local...
2019-05-06 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Change the way we deal with local lldbinit...
2019-04-26 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Remove unused functions (NFC)
2019-04-08 Pavel LabathFix signed-unsigned comparison warning in Driver.cpp
2019-04-03 Adrian McCarthyFix and simplify PrepareCommandsForSourcing
2019-03-25 Adrian PrantlUpdate the lldb driver to support the -O and -S options...
2019-03-12 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] Support capturing a reproducer without...
2019-03-11 Adrian PrantlBring Doxygen comment syntax in sync with LLVM coding...
2019-03-06 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] Enable replay from SBRepro.
2019-02-21 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] Initialize reproducers before initializin...
2019-02-07 Pavel LabathFix some warnings introduced in r353324 (ReproducerInst...
2019-02-07 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Don't try to replay reproducer in the driver.
2019-02-06 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] SBReproducer framework: Capture & Replay
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2019-01-05 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Some more cleanup. NFC
2019-01-04 Stefan Granitz[CMake] Revised RPATH handling
2019-01-04 Stefan Granitz[CMake] Revised LLDB.framework builds
2019-01-02 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Remove unused imports
2018-12-17 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Fix --repl argument.
2018-12-11 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Simplify OptionData. NFC
2018-12-03 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] Change how reproducers are initialized.
2018-11-29 Pavel LabathFix windows build broken by r347846
2018-11-29 Pavel LabathRemove getopt includes from the driver
2018-11-29 Jonas Devlieghere[driver] Fix --core/-c and add test
2018-11-28 Jonas Devlieghere[driver] Some NFC cleanup
2018-11-27 Jonas Devlieghere[Reproducers] Improve reproducer API and add unit tests.
2018-11-27 Jonas Devlieghere[Driver] Use libOption with tablegen.
2018-11-13 Jonas DevlieghereAdd GDB remote packet reproducer.
2018-10-26 Jason MolendaRemove an early-return from Driver::ParseArgs that
2018-09-28 Tatyana Krasnukha[Driver] Remove unused declarations and "include" direc...
2018-09-28 Tatyana KrasnukhaClean-up usage of OptionDefinition arrays
2018-07-17 Alex LangfordInvert dependency between lldb-framework and lldb-suite
2018-07-17 Jonas DevlieghereMove pretty stack trace printer into driver.
2018-07-11 Raphael IsemannAllow specifying an exit code for the 'quit' command
2018-06-18 Alex LangfordIntroduce lldb-framework CMake target and centralize...
2018-06-08 Alex LangfordDelete some dead code
2017-10-31 Pavel LabathFix LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB build (pr35053)
2017-09-20 Adrian McCarthyFix the SIGINT handlers
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathClean up lldb-types.h
2017-03-03 Zachary Turner[Windows] Remove the #include <eh.h> hack.
2017-02-16 Zachary TurnerFinish breaking the dependency from Utility.
2017-02-01 Pavel Labath[cmake] Remove VERSION property from executable targets
2017-01-31 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add accurate dependency specifications
2017-01-06 Pavel LabathAnother windows build fix
2017-01-06 David BlaikieMake lldb -Werror clean for -Wstring-conversion
2016-12-15 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Refactor LLDB libraries and tools to be components
2016-12-15 Hafiz Abid QadeerFix build for mingw.
2016-12-02 Pavel LabathReplace __ANDROID_NDK__ with __ANDROID__
2016-10-18 Pavel LabathFixup r284466 - try to unbreak NetBSD
2016-10-18 Pavel Labath[cmake] Make dependencies of lldb libraries private...
2016-09-21 Ed MasteFix typo in lldb --help
2016-09-06 Kate Stone*** This commit represents a complete reformatting...
2016-04-14 Adrian McCarthyDon't disable stdin buffering on Windows
2016-04-11 Pavel Labath[Driver] Fix a segfault in signal handlers