Fold compares irrespective of whether allocation can be elided
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2016-05-03 Pavel LabathRevert "Add a read_full_buffer argument to ConnectionFi...
2016-05-03 Pavel LabathAdd a read_full_buffer argument to ConnectionFileDescri...
2016-04-27 Pavel LabathFix compiler warnings in SymbolFilePDBTests
2016-04-20 Zachary TurnerAdd missing file needed for PDB unittests.
2016-04-15 Ulrich WeigandFix usage of APInt.getRawData for big-endian systems
2016-04-15 Zachary TurnerInitial support for reading type information from PDBs.
2016-04-14 Ulrich WeigandRevert r266311 - Fix usage of APInt.getRawData for...
2016-04-14 Ulrich WeigandHandle bit fields on big-endian systems correctly
2016-04-14 Ulrich WeigandFix usage of APInt.getRawData for big-endian systems
2016-04-14 Pavel LabathFileSpec: make matching separator-agnostic again
2016-04-13 Pavel LabathRemove obsolete comments
2016-04-12 Enrico GranataInitialize the Python script interpreter lazily (i...
2016-04-04 Pavel LabathMake FileSpec handling platform-independent
2016-04-01 Zachary TurnerAdd some unit tests for ClangASTContext.
2016-03-30 Pavel LabathFix SocketAddressTest (again)
2016-03-11 Pavel LabathFix a bunch of signedness warnings in unittests
2016-03-11 Pavel LabathFix a couple of cornercases in FileSpec + tests
2016-03-02 Zachary TurnerAdd support for reading line tables from PDB files.
2016-02-25 Pavel LabathFix PythonDataObjectsTests for python 2
2016-02-18 Zachary TurnerFix SocketTest on Windows.
2016-02-09 Zachary TurnerChange `CoreTests` to LLDBCoreTests to avoid name clash.
2016-02-09 Pavel LabathFix invalid shift operator overload in Scalar
2016-02-03 Reid KlecknerFix sign conversion warnings in LLDB Python unittests
2016-02-03 Pavel LabathFix an off-by-one in SocketTest::DecodeHostAndPort
2016-01-25 Zachary TurnerFix swig typemap for SBEvent.
2016-01-22 Todd Fialaadded test fixture to EditlineTest gtest
2016-01-11 Zachary TurnerIntroduce a PythonBytes class into PythonDataObjects.
2015-11-13 Zachary TurnerFix a bug in PythonExceptionState and add unittest...
2015-11-13 Zachary TurnerIntroduce a `PythonExceptionState` class.
2015-11-13 Zachary Turnergtest - Make a `PythonTestSuite` base class for setup...
2015-11-11 Zachary TurnerCreate `PythonTuple` and `PythonCallable` wrapper classes.
2015-11-11 Zachary TurnerAdd a `PythonModule` class, and a root-level method...
2015-11-03 Ryan BrownFix build for go parser unittest.
2015-11-02 Ryan BrownCreate an expression parser for Go.
2015-10-30 Todd FialaAdded real editline tests.
2015-10-25 Todd FialaFix a copy-and-paste error on new Editline test cmake...
2015-10-25 Todd FialaXcode: added lldb-gtest target to build and run the...
2015-10-20 Tamas BerghammerAdd a new task pool class to LLDB
2015-10-16 Zachary TurnerConvert SWIG typemap string operations to PythonObjects.
2015-10-15 Oleksiy VyalovSplit Socket class into Tcp/Udp/DomainSocket subclasses.
2015-10-15 Zachary TurnerIntroduce a `PythonFile` object, and use it everywhere.
2015-10-14 Zachary TurnerGet Python unit tests working with Python 3.
2015-10-13 Zachary TurnerFix ref counting of Python objects.
2015-10-09 Zachary TurnerPort native Python-API to 3.x
2015-10-06 Bruce MitchenerFix segmentation fault in lldb_private::Symbols::Locate...
2015-08-20 Oleksiy VyalovMake UriParser to support [$HOSTNAME] notation.
2015-07-30 Zachary TurnerConvert the ScriptInterpreter system to a plugin-based...
2015-07-07 Bruce MitchenerFix StringExtractor.h issues.
2015-05-28 Zachary TurnerIncluding <thread> with MSVC is buggy, use a workaround...
2015-05-06 Pavel Labath[NativeProcessLinux] fold ThreadStateCoordinator into NPL
2015-05-05 Pavel Labath[NativeProcessLinux] Get rid of the thread state coordi...
2015-04-27 Pavel LabathAdd missing libraries to unittest link
2015-04-03 David BlaikieFix the Linux build.
2015-03-18 Zachary TurnerFix linking of unit tests via CMake on Windows.
2015-03-17 Zachary TurnerConvert CRLF to LF.
2015-03-17 David BlaikieFix the clang -Werror build & make the unit tests link...
2015-03-14 Zachary TurnerFix a bug related to arg escaping, and add unit tests.
2015-03-14 Zachary Turner[CMake] Make the unittests link against everything...
2015-03-14 Zachary Turner[gtest] Fix gtest failures on Windows.
2015-03-13 Zachary Turner[CMake] Fix unit test build on Linux.
2015-03-13 Zachary TurnerRework the gtest directory structure.