Fixed build failure for revision r310261
[lldb.git] / lldb / unittests /
2017-07-13 Chris BienemanFix debugserver accepting remote connections
2017-07-13 Jim InghamEnable parsing C++ names generated by lambda functions.
2017-07-08 Jason MolendaThe x86 instruction unwinder can be asked to disassembl...
2017-07-04 Pavel LabathFix some warnings in ProcessorTraceTest.cpp
2017-06-30 Pavel LabathFix a cmake typo to unbreak windows unit tests
2017-06-29 Pavel LabathSpeculative fix for windows build broken by r306668
2017-06-29 Pavel LabathMove Timer and TraceOptions from Core to Utility
2017-06-29 Pavel Labath[unittests] Add a helper function for getting an input...
2017-06-29 Pavel Labath[UnwindAssembly/x86] Add support for "lea imm(%ebp...
2017-06-28 Pavel Labath[DWARFCallFrameInfo] Add Type enum to differentiate...
2017-06-28 Ravitheja AddepallyLinux unit tests should only run on
2017-06-28 Ravitheja AddepallyImplementation of Intel(R) Processor Trace support...
2017-06-27 Pavel LabathAdd debug_frame section support
2017-06-27 Pavel LabathMove StructuredData from Core to Utility
2017-06-22 Pavel LabathSimplify the gdb-remote unit tests
2017-06-19 Pavel LabathAdd pretty-printer for wait(2) statuses and modernize...
2017-06-19 Pavel LabathDelete ProcessLauncherPosix
2017-06-15 Pavel LabathAdd llvm::Error assignment operator to Status class
2017-06-07 Zachary TurnerMove Object format code to lib/BinaryFormat.
2017-06-06 Pavel LabathFix assorted compiler warnings. NFC
2017-06-06 Pavel LabathRemove unused variables. NFC
2017-06-06 Pavel LabathNew framework for lldb client-server communication...
2017-06-02 Arnaud A. de Grand... Remove vestigial CLANG_USED_LIBS.
2017-05-29 Abhishek AggarwalReplaced StructuredData::Type with eStructuredDataType
2017-05-29 Abhishek AggarwalAdded new API to SBStructuredData class
2017-05-26 Ravitheja AddepallyImplementation of remote packets for Trace data.
2017-05-18 Pavel LabathAdd Status -- llvm::Error glue
2017-05-15 Pavel LabathRemove an expensive lock from Timer
2017-05-12 Zachary TurnerRename Error -> Status.
2017-05-05 Pavel LabathAdd TaskMap for iterating a function over a set of...
2017-05-04 Pavel LabathMainLoop: Add unit tests
2017-05-02 Pavel LabathObjectFileELF: Fix symbol lookup in bss section
2017-04-26 Chris BienemanRe-landing IPv6 support for LLDB Host
2017-04-24 Pavel LabathFix the new SocketAddressTest on Windows
2017-04-24 Pavel LabathAdd more arguments to SocketAddress::GetAddressInfo
2017-04-20 Pavel LabathRecompute ArchSpec core after MergeFrom
2017-04-19 Pavel LabathRevert yesterdays IPv6 patches
2017-04-18 Chris BienemanUpdate DebugServer to support IPv6 over TCP
2017-04-18 Chris BienemanUpdate LLDB Host to support IPv6 over TCP
2017-04-15 Zachary TurnerFix crash when completing in the current directory.
2017-04-12 Chris BienemanSupport Unit Testing debugserver
2017-04-06 Eugene ZemtsovAdd more tests for ExtractContextAndIdentifier
2017-04-06 Eugene ZemtsovNew C++ function name parsing logic (Resubmit)
2017-04-06 Zachary TurnerFix build failure in unit test.
2017-04-06 Jason MolendaUpdate unittests/Host/SocketTest.cpp to also use the new
2017-04-05 Jim InghamReverting r299374 & r299402 due to testsuite failure.
2017-04-03 Eugene ZemtsovNew C++ function name parsing logic
2017-03-31 Stephane SezerVerify memory address range validity in GDBRemoteCommun...
2017-03-27 Jim InghamIn FileSpec::Equal, short-cut GetNormalizedPath.
2017-03-22 Zachary TurnerMove FileSpec from Host -> Utility.
2017-03-22 Zachary TurnerResubmit "Delete the remainder of platform specific...
2017-03-22 Pavel LabathRevert "Delete the remainder of platform specific code...
2017-03-22 Zachary TurnerDelete the remainder of platform specific code in FileSpec.
2017-03-21 Zachary TurnerMove StringList from Core -> Utility.
2017-03-19 Zachary TurnerFix unit test compilation failure.
2017-03-15 Pavel LabathRemove some ProcFileReader occurences
2017-03-15 Pavel LabathRemove lldb streams from the Log class completely
2017-03-14 Pavel LabathFix flakyness in TestCompletion
2017-03-13 Pavel LabathFix Linux build for the FileSpec changes
2017-03-13 Zachary TurnerResubmit "Make file / directory completion work properl...
2017-03-12 Zachary TurnerRevert "Make file / directory completion work properly...
2017-03-12 Zachary TurnerMake file / directory completion work properly on Windows.
2017-03-09 Pavel LabathFix remaining threading issues in Log.h
2017-03-07 Eugene ZemtsovMake LLDB skip server-client roundtrip for signals...
2017-03-06 Zachary TurnerRemove FileSpec::ReadFileContents.
2017-03-06 Pavel LabathUpdate log_options unit test
2017-03-06 Zachary TurnerMove many other files from Core -> Utility.
2017-03-06 Pavel LabathFix Log unit tests
2017-03-04 Zachary TurnerMove DataBuffer / DataExtractor and friends from Core...
2017-03-03 Zachary TurnerMove Log from Core -> Utility.
2017-03-03 Zachary Turner[Windows] Remove the #include <eh.h> hack.
2017-03-01 Pavel LabathFix gcc compilation of LogTest.cpp
2017-03-01 Pavel LabathModernize Enable/DisableLogChannel interface a bit
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathFix MinidumpParserTest on 32-bit arches
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathLog: Fix a regression in handling log options
2017-02-24 Zachary TurnerDelete DataBufferMemoryMap.
2017-02-24 Pavel LabathAttempt to fix windows unit tests
2017-02-22 Pavel LabathAdd format_provider for the MemoryRegionInfo::OptionalB...
2017-02-21 Pavel LabathLog: Fix race in accessing the stream variable
2017-02-20 Pavel LabathFix a couple of corner cases in NameMatches
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathFix VASprintfTest on darwin
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathReapply "Refactor log channel registration mechanism"
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathFix breakage caused by r295368
2017-02-16 Zachary TurnerFix build
2017-02-16 Zachary TurnerFinish breaking the dependency from Utility.
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathRevert "Refactor log channel registration mechanism"
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathRefactor log channel registration mechanism
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathFix unittests after r295088
2017-02-14 Zachary TurnerRemove dependencies from Utility to Core and Target.
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathUriParser cleanup
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathSwitch TestPacketSpeedJSON to use the llvm chrono formatter
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathAdd a format_provider for the Timeout class
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathConvert Log class to llvm streams
2017-02-08 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Final dependency cleanup patch!
2017-02-07 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add explicit dependencies for ObjectFileELF...
2017-02-05 Pavel LabathRemove LIBLLDB_LOG_VERBOSE category
2017-02-02 Zachary TurnerMove classes from Core -> Utility.
2017-02-02 Pavel LabathFix windows build after r293821
2017-02-01 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Update unit tests with accurate dependencies
2017-01-31 Pavel LabathOpen ELF core dumps with more than 64K sections