Fixed build failure for revision r310261
[lldb.git] / lldb /
2017-08-07 Abhishek AggarwalFixed build failure for revision r310261
2017-08-07 Abhishek AggarwalFixed build failure for revision r310261
2017-08-07 Abhishek AggarwalTool for using Intel(R) Processor Trace hardware feature
2017-08-03 Jim InghamCut and paste error from r23162.
2017-08-03 Jim InghamAdd an auto-continue flag to breakpoints & locations.
2017-08-03 Rafael EspindolaUpdate for llvm api change.
2017-08-02 Vadim MacagonFix ProcessAPITestCase.test_get_process_info
2017-08-02 Jim InghamFix a mis-feature with propagation of breakpoint option...
2017-08-01 Sean Callananxfail test_get_process_info pending bot fixes
2017-08-01 Jim InghamRemember to make API headers Public in the LLDB target.
2017-08-01 Sean Callanan[build system] Add SBProcessInfo to the xcodeproj
2017-08-01 Vadim MacagonExpose process instance info via SB API
2017-08-01 Eugene ZemtsovFix incorrect use of std::unique
2017-07-31 Sean Callanan[build-script] Bring in modernizations from downstream:
2017-07-31 Jan KratochvilFix LLDB crash accessing unknown DW_FORM_* attributes
2017-07-31 Tamas BerghammerAdd support for base address entries in the .debug_rang...
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add SharingPtr.h to the Framework header list
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] debugserver-nonui doesn't go in the framework
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] libcompression is optional not required for...
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add checks for libcompression
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Cleanup of header fixup and installation
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Enable OS_LOG support on Darwin
2017-07-28 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adapt to clang r309390
2017-07-27 Tamas BerghammerXFAIL/XFlakey some tests what become very flakey on...
2017-07-27 Nitesh Jain[LLDB][MIPS] Fix emulation of Instruction for MIPS64R6...
2017-07-27 Jim InghamFix the formatting for help on option value types.
2017-07-25 Sean CallananSkip test_unique_stacks on Darwin, because it doesn...
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Build debugserver & debugserver_nonui
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Update Framework construction for iOS
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Rework construction of framework bundle
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Fix framework build
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] NFC. Cleanup unnecessary CMake policy
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Cleanup unnecessary definition
2017-07-25 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add debugserver entitlements
2017-07-25 Adrian PrantlImprove the fix for PR33875 by not hardcoding the secti...
2017-07-25 Sean Callanan[TypeSystem] Guard the global `ASTSourceMap` with a...
2017-07-24 Eugene ZemtsovExtend 'target symbols add' to load symbols from a...
2017-07-24 Sean CallananSkip test_lldbmi_var_update on Darwin.
2017-07-24 Greg ClaytonDon't allow .debug_types to be parsed as LLDB can crash...
2017-07-24 Adrian PrantlRFix PR33875 by distinguishing between DWO and clang...
2017-07-24 Greg ClaytonDon't crash when hostname is empty. StringRef will...
2017-07-23 Adrian PrantlRevert "Fix PR33875 by distinguishing between DWO and...
2017-07-23 Adrian PrantlFix PR33875 by distinguishing between DWO and clang...
2017-07-21 Greg ClaytonAdded a missing "break;" after seeing a clang warning...
2017-07-21 Pavel LabathXFail TestWithModuleDebugging on linux (bug 33875)
2017-07-21 Bruce MitchenerFix typo in error message in 'platform status'.
2017-07-19 Jim InghamAdd help text for "expression" telling how to enter...
2017-07-19 Chris BienemanFix GreenDragon bots
2017-07-19 Saleem Abdulrasoolsilence a couple of -Wqual-cast warning from GCC (NFC)
2017-07-19 Bruce MitchenerExpose hit count via SBBreakpointLocation.
2017-07-19 Bruce MitchenerFix typos in documentation.
2017-07-19 Bruce MitchenerUpdate API headers.
2017-07-18 Tim Hammerquistcmake build needs to run tests AND collect results
2017-07-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] A few fixups to support building LLDB for iOS
2017-07-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Refactor debugserver build system
2017-07-18 Chris Bieneman[CMake] [NFC] Remove out of date and redundant version...
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathFix NetBSD/FreeBSD build after r308304
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathClean up lldb-types.h
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathFix linux arm and mips builds broken by r308282
2017-07-18 Pavel LabathRemove shared pointer from NativeProcessProtocol
2017-07-17 Eugene ZemtsovFixing LLDB build after refactoring of clang's MacroInfo
2017-07-13 Chris BienemanFix debugserver accepting remote connections
2017-07-13 Jim InghamEnable parsing C++ names generated by lambda functions.
2017-07-13 Jim InghamConvert a few more tests to use run_to_source_breakpoint.
2017-07-13 Jim InghamFix a deadlock in the Python interpreter vrs. SIGINT.
2017-07-13 Kuba MracekUpstreaming a patch from Github: When evaluation user...
2017-07-13 Jim InghamThe bugzilla moved.
2017-07-12 Petr Pavlu[MainLoop] Fix possible use of an invalid iterator
2017-07-12 Ravitheja AddepallyFixing Android builder
2017-07-12 Ravitheja AddepallyAdding Support for Error Strings in Remote Packets
2017-07-11 Tim Hammerquistswitch on enum should be exhaustive and warning-free
2017-07-11 Pavel LabathNativeProcessLinux: Fix handling of raise(SIGTRAP)
2017-07-11 Pavel LabathNativeProcessLinux: Fix some compiler warnings
2017-07-11 Pavel Labath[LLDB][ppc64le] Rename enums in AuxVector
2017-07-11 Jason MolendaPass in the disassembler flavor when disassembling in
2017-07-09 Zachary TurnerDon't access Python objects while not holding the GIL.
2017-07-08 Kuba MracekUpdate message that Main Thread Checker produces.
2017-07-08 Jason MolendaThe x86 instruction unwinder can be asked to disassembl...
2017-07-07 Pavel LabathDisable TestGoASTContext
2017-07-07 Pavel LabathAdd a NativeProcessProtocol Factory class
2017-07-06 Tim HammerquistFix Xcode project file for gtest schemes.
2017-07-06 David L. JonesChange remaining references to lit.util.capture to...
2017-07-06 Jim InghamWorking through testcases, converting to run_to_source_...
2017-07-06 Pavel LabathFix a copy-paste error in r307161
2017-07-06 Pavel LabathRevert "Android.rules: build x86 tests with -mstackrealign"
2017-07-06 Jim InghamAdd a lldbutils routine that gathers up the boiler...
2017-07-06 Tim Hammerquistadd googlemock include dir to lldb-gtest Xcode target
2017-07-05 Kuba Mracek[lldb] Add a testcase for MainThreadCheckerRuntime...
2017-07-05 Pavel LabathFix assorted compiler warnings (mismatched signedness...
2017-07-05 Pavel LabathFix "process load" on new android targets
2017-07-04 Pavel LabathUpdate lldb architecture docs
2017-07-04 Pavel LabathFix some warnings in ProcessorTraceTest.cpp
2017-07-03 Ravitheja AddepallyFixing warnings for unused variables and copy ellision
2017-07-03 Pavel LabathFix typo/unbreak windows build broken by r307009
2017-07-03 Pavel LabathUse llvm::sys::RetryAfterSignal instead of a manual...
2017-06-30 Pavel LabathRemove dead Core/StreamFile includes
2017-06-30 Pavel LabathFix a cmake typo to unbreak windows unit tests
2017-06-30 Sean Callanan[Data formatters] Make NSSetM support both old- and...
2017-06-29 Tim HammerquistFix some type-based warnings
2017-06-29 Jason MolendaUpdate default cpu subtype for armv7 processes to armv7...