Fix the project name in the license file.
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2017-02-27 Pavel LabathMerge Linux and FreeBSD arm register contexts
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathFix MinidumpParserTest on 32-bit arches
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathRemove the callback-based log channel registration...
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathLog: Fix a regression in handling log options
2017-02-27 Pavel LabathSwitch SBBreakpoint to storing a weak_ptr of the intern...
2017-02-25 Jason MolendaThree LoadLibCxxFormatters formatters were given a...
2017-02-25 Jason MolendaDataBufferMemoryMap.cpp out, DataBufferLLVM.cpp in...
2017-02-24 Zachary TurnerDelete DataBufferMemoryMap.
2017-02-24 Omair JavaidHardware breakpoints for Linux on Arm/AArch64 targets
2017-02-24 Pavel LabathAttempt to fix windows unit tests
2017-02-24 Pavel LabathImplement QPassSignals GDB package in lldb-server
2017-02-24 Jason MolendaFix a race condition in FuncUnwinders where the mutex...
2017-02-24 Kamil RytarowskiIntroduce support for Debug Registers in RegisterContex...
2017-02-24 Kamil RytarowskiSwitch NetBSD from paccept(2) to accept4(2)
2017-02-23 Pavel LabathSwitch "windows" log channel to the new registration...
2017-02-23 Pavel LabathSwitch "posix" to the new log channel registration...
2017-02-23 Pavel LabathFinish the reformatting of the lldb-server test executables
2017-02-23 Pavel LabathReformat inferior's main.cpp in lldb-server test
2017-02-23 Howard HellyerEnsure lldb-server waits for child debug servers to...
2017-02-23 Sean CallananChanged to use .json files
2017-02-23 Sean CallananReverted 295897 pending refinements and fixes for green...
2017-02-22 Greg ClaytonFixed errors in AllocatedBlock:
2017-02-22 Sean CallananChanged to use .json files
2017-02-22 Greg ClaytonFix header documentation.
2017-02-22 Greg ClaytonFix header documentation.
2017-02-22 Pavel LabathSwitch "lldb" log channel to the new registration mechanism
2017-02-22 Pavel LabathReplace WINLOG_*** macros with LLDB_LOG
2017-02-22 Pavel LabathAdd format_provider for the MemoryRegionInfo::OptionalB...
2017-02-22 Jason MolendaMark as an xfail because the...
2017-02-21 Pavel LabathLog: Fix race in accessing the stream variable
2017-02-21 Jason MolendaFix spelling mistake.
2017-02-20 Pavel LabathFix a couple of corner cases in NameMatches
2017-02-19 Michal Gorny[test] Fix finding LLDB tools when building stand-alone
2017-02-18 Jason MolendaUpdate the location of ModuleCacheTest.cpp from
2017-02-18 Sean CallananUpdated the results formatter to eliminate redundant...
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathNPL: Fix an incorrect logging formatv call
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathSwitch GDBRemoteLog to the new registration mechanism
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathSwitch ProcessKDPLog to the new channel registration...
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathFix compiler warnings for missing switch cases in lldb.
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathFix VASprintfTest on darwin
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathReapply "Refactor log channel registration mechanism"
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathNPL: Fix one more bug in the single step workaround
2017-02-17 Pavel LabathFix breakage caused by r295368
2017-02-17 Kamil RytarowskiAdd myself to CODE_OWNERS.txt for NetBSD
2017-02-16 Zachary TurnerFix build
2017-02-16 Zachary TurnerFinish breaking the dependency from Utility.
2017-02-16 Sylvestre LedruReindent the code to avoid an error with gcc:
2017-02-16 Pavel LabathNPL: Fix single step workaround
2017-02-16 Kuba Mracek[lldb] Add support for "external" reports in ThreadSani...
2017-02-16 Pavel LabathFix build due to clang r295311
2017-02-16 Jason MolendaFix a bug introduced in r235737 where code with importa...
2017-02-15 Greg ClaytonFix Xcode project.
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathSkip TestStepOverBreakpoint on windows
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathRevert "Refactor log channel registration mechanism"
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathRefactor log channel registration mechanism
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathFix debug build of unit tests
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathFix unittests after r295088
2017-02-15 Pavel LabathFix TestNameLookup for GCC
2017-02-15 Boris UlasevichBug 30863 - Step doesn't stop with conditional breakpoi...
2017-02-14 Zachary TurnerUse StringRef and APFloat instead of lldb/StringConvert.h
2017-02-14 Zachary TurnerRemove dependencies from Utility to Core and Target.
2017-02-14 Pavel LabathXFAIL TestNameLookup for GCC
2017-02-14 Jason MolendaBefore returning a pc value for a stack frame,
2017-02-13 Greg ClaytonFix buildbots.
2017-02-13 Greg ClaytonFindFunctions now works again with mangled names.
2017-02-13 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adding API dependency on Utility
2017-02-13 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adding API dependency on Utility
2017-02-13 Pavel LabathTry to fix windows build (broken by r294939)
2017-02-13 Pavel LabathRemove some dead code from ProcessPOSIXLog
2017-02-13 Pavel LabathClean up debug logging
2017-02-10 Greg ClaytonFix the lldb_private::Function::GetDescription to print...
2017-02-10 Chris BienemanFix another build issue with shared libraries on Linux
2017-02-10 Chris BienemanFix another build issue with shared libraries on Linux
2017-02-10 Chris BienemanFix build issue with shared libraries reported via...
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathReally fix windows build
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathFix darwin and windows builds broken by r294736
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathUriParser cleanup
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathSwitch TestPacketSpeedJSON to use the llvm chrono formatter
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathAdd a format_provider for the Timeout class
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathImprove asserts in TestWatchpointIgnoreCount
2017-02-10 Pavel LabathConvert Log class to llvm streams
2017-02-09 Greg ClaytonMake sure we only load the OS plug-in once.
2017-02-09 Greg ClaytonFix build bots.
2017-02-09 Greg ClaytonFixed an issue where AllocatedBlock::ReserveRange does...
2017-02-09 Greg ClaytonFixed documentation bug found by Ramana who sent a...
2017-02-09 Ismail DonmezRevert r294580 , it didn't fix the shared build
2017-02-09 Ismail DonmezFix shared library build
2017-02-09 Pavel Labath[cmake] add missing dependency lldbCommands->lldbBase
2017-02-08 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add dependency on Mips target if it is available
2017-02-08 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Final dependency cleanup patch!
2017-02-08 Nitesh Jain[LLDB][MIPS] Fix TestMiExec and TestMiData failures
2017-02-08 Nitesh Jain[LLDB][MIPS] Fix TestMiniDumpNew
2017-02-07 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Add explicit dependencies for ObjectFileELF...
2017-02-07 Ed MasteSynchronize PlatformFreeBSD with Linux
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathRemove verbose category in the kdp channel
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathSwitch PlatformLinux to LLDB_LOG
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathRemove the verbose category in the gdb-remote channel
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathRemove the verbose category in the posix channel
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathFix darwin build (error.PutToLog fallout)
2017-02-06 Pavel LabathFix darwin build (llvm::once_flag fallout)