Stop treating -static as overriding -fPIC: they are distinct.
[lldb.git] / llgo / CMakeLists.txt
2015-07-21 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] build llgoi by default
2015-07-15 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] update version to match libtool_VE...
2015-05-23 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] cmd/llgoi: use line editor
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to 15a24202fa42.
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to a6e10414311a
2015-03-18 Peter CollingbourneAdd llgo-go to installation.
2015-03-17 Peter CollingbourneAdd cgo dependency to llgo-stage2 and llgoi.
2015-02-14 Peter CollingbourneBuild cgo and llgo-go
2015-01-29 Andrew Wilkinsirgen: don't emit debug metadata for locals
2015-01-15 Peter CollingbourneIntroduce llgoi, a REPL for Go
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen, driver: modify Compiler.Compile to take a FileSe...
2014-12-29 Chandler Carruth[cmake/multilib] Teach llgo to respect the LLVM_LIBDIR_...
2014-11-27 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit of llgo.