[X86] Cleanup ADCX/ADOX instruction definitions.
[lldb.git] / llgo /
2017-06-04 Peter Collingbourneirgen: Create functions instead of global variables...
2017-04-03 Peter Collingbournebenchcomp: Add a mode for analyzing file sizes.
2016-12-06 Meador Inge[llgo] Remove support for LLVM attributes
2016-12-06 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] set debuglocs for calls in synthetic functions
2016-12-06 Meador Inge[llgo] Update to use the latest IR attribute bindings
2016-12-06 Meador Inge[llgo] Fix `debug` to use latest `DIBuilder` bindings
2016-07-27 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] add llgo source path to LLVM_GO_PACKAGES
2016-07-14 Benjamin KramerUpgrade all the .arcconfigs to https.
2016-04-25 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] llgoi: separate evaluation from printing
2016-04-08 Peter Collingbournebenchcomp: Add a mode for analyzing rule execution...
2016-04-08 Peter Collingbournebenchcomp: Look at all sections whose names begin with...
2016-03-30 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] add USES_TERMINAL option to check-libgo
2016-03-23 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] Increment "Debug Info Version"
2016-03-23 Andrew Wilkins[cmake] fix libgo-llgo paths in install target
2016-03-15 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] Roll gofrontend forward
2015-11-27 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] Force exporting __morestack from llgoi
2015-11-05 Peter Collingbournedebug: Update for debug info API change.
2015-09-25 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] irgen: always use TargetMachine's data layout
2015-09-01 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] drop debug/DIBuilder.Declare
2015-08-05 Tanya LattnerUpdate to new lists.llvm.org
2015-07-21 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] build llgoi by default
2015-07-17 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] cmd/gllgo: handle/ignore more flags
2015-07-15 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] update libgo-llgo.so version to match libtool_VE...
2015-07-15 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] set function personality with SetPersonality
2015-05-23 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] cmd/llgoi: use line editor
2015-05-12 Peter Collingbournebenchcomp: Add macho_symsizes mode for comparing Mach...
2015-04-08 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] add buildbot-slave config
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneAdd documentation for llgoi, update README
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to 15a24202fa42.
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to 07baa07598ea; roll libffi to r219477.
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to a6e10414311a
2015-04-05 Peter CollingbourneRoll gotools to d4e70101.
2015-03-18 Peter Collingbournellgoi: Fix type identity for imported binary packages.
2015-03-18 Peter CollingbourneAdd llgo-go to installation.
2015-03-18 Peter Collingbournellgoi: Fix importing source packages together with...
2015-03-17 Peter CollingbourneAdd cgo dependency to llgo-stage2 and llgoi.
2015-03-13 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] update year in LICENSE.txt
2015-03-06 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] Disable known failing packages in check-libgo
2015-03-05 Peter CollingbourneFix test to use explicit load type.
2015-03-02 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] debug: create replaceable type through DIBuilder
2015-02-14 Peter CollingbourneBuild cgo and llgo-go
2015-02-13 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to 0fde0b6a7eb2
2015-02-13 Peter CollingbourneUpdate for API change
2015-01-29 Andrew Wilkinsirgen: don't emit debug metadata for locals
2015-01-15 Peter CollingbourneIntroduce llgoi, a REPL for Go
2015-01-14 Peter Collingbourneirgen: expose DisableUnusedImportCheck flag
2015-01-14 Peter Collingbourneirgen: expose PackageCreated hook
2015-01-13 Peter CollingbourneRoll gotools to 47f2109c.
2015-01-08 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] irgen: generate switch instructions
2015-01-07 Chandler CarruthTest commit to check the new git mirror.
2014-12-31 Andrew Wilkins[llgo] Elide alloca for unused received values in select
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen: modify the ABI to use init guards instead of...
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen: make it possible to use a custom importer
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen: return a types.Package to the compiler client
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen: introduce ManglePackagePath function
2014-12-31 Peter Collingbourneirgen, driver: modify Compiler.Compile to take a FileSe...
2014-12-29 Chandler Carruth[cmake/multilib] Teach llgo to respect the LLVM_LIBDIR_...
2014-12-29 Peter Collingbourneirgen: remove unused compiler.runtimetypespkg field.
2014-12-28 Peter Collingbourneirgen: do not emit an extra terminator for panic thunks
2014-12-19 Andrew WilkinsTest commit
2014-12-17 Peter Collingbourneirgen: fix canAvoid*
2014-12-16 Peter CollingbourneUse the object's package to mangle method names, rather...
2014-12-13 Peter CollingbourneUpdate to new bindings.
2014-12-09 Peter CollingbourneOptimize comparisons to empty string.
2014-12-08 Peter CollingbourneAdd .arcconfig file.
2014-12-04 Peter CollingbourneRoll gofrontend to 2a85649c19e1.
2014-11-27 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit of llgo third_party.
2014-11-27 Peter CollingbourneInitial commit of llgo.